Web design mistakes that can be fatal to your website

Web design is a tightrope that needs to be walked carefully, as a minor mistake can lead to disaster. Here are some of the common pitfalls that you should strive to avoid when creating your site.

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Compatibility issues

Unless your site displays correctly on all major web browsers, you could lose a big chunk of your target market to better-prepared rivals. Optimise your site for compatibility with the big four: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Appleā€™s Safari.

Outdated elements

Much of the modern web is built using HTML5 thanks to its flexibility and streamlined nature. This means that older platforms, including Flash, should be avoided, as support for them is dropping away and an over-reliance on an outdated framework will leave your site looking long in the tooth.

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Intrusive pop-ups

Aside from the innately annoying and often irrelevant pop-up ads that some sites insist on using, another web design faux pas is to deploy page-specific pop-ups advertising things such as mailing list sign-up opportunities on the site.

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Mobile issues

The majority of searching and browsing is now done on mobile devices, with Google rolling out all sorts of optimisations for its own services to make them more mobile-friendly. This should be an essential aspect of any modern website that wishes to avoid floundering in its attempts to master SEO.

Content positioning

You might be compelled to keep the top of your pages free from written copy and instead focus on images, media and actionable buttons; however, this temptation should be avoided, as visitors will not be able to work out what your site is actually for. The correct placement of concise, relevant content will help to alleviate this.

Page load speed

There are lots of reasons that might be behind slow page load speed on your website, with trying to eliminate them at the design stage both efficient and cost effective. Overloading your site with high-resolution, uncompressed images is a bad idea, as is packing each page with too many elements or picking the aforementioned outdated platforms as the underpinning.

Minimalism is often a tenet of good web design. This is especially relevant in the smartphone age, so keep this in mind.

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