The need for CCTV

Increasingly the only way that we can look to protect our properties and our belongings is to use […]


According to the Office of National Statistics, the UK has a rapidly ageing population and Bristol is no […]

Personalized Wine Glasses – How To Make The Right Choice?

Personalized wine glasses have become quite popular since 2000 and they have emerged as one of the best gift items for various occasions. Of course, the person you are gifting the glass to must be a wine lover or at least be a drinker of it. The type of glass and personalization you will choose for the glass is also dependent on the taste of the person. So, if you know the person well it shouldn’t be a big hassle for you to choose the right glass. However, those who are still facing a lot of trouble in making the right choice, the following points might be of help.

Meditation and Yoga

Considered to be an art as well as a science meditation and yoga together are practiced to coordinate and integrate all the aspects of our lives so that we continue to directly deal with consciousness by systematically observing accepting understanding every level of our being.

Pregnancy Back Pain

Pregnancy back pain is a common problem during pregnancy and more than 50% pregnant women suffering from it. There are several physical reasons for back pain in pregnancy, some of which include: Pregnancy hormones soften ligaments causing joints to move more than usual an in some cases the ligaments can be strained. Postural problems caused by the rising uterus. Position of baby (particularly towards the end of pregnancy) can compress stress and cause back pain. A small percentage of women will suffer from backache during pregnancy.