Some sociologists see hackathons as a way to exploit people to work for free

Two university professors of sociology have published a study after spending a year observing several hackathons in New York, mostly promoted by corporations. After interviewing participants, organizers and sponsors came to the conclusion that many institutions use the attractiveness of these events to make people work for free .

Hackathons are events that have been quite fashionable in the world of technology and startups for some years. They are usually marathons in which developers spend many hours working without stopping to solve a problem or generate new ideas for future projects. And it is not the first time that someone questions their true usefulness .

Hama bets on Alexa to give life to its new smart speaker and its sound bars with subwoofer

We do not know if in the Black Friday that we have around the corner or already in the Christmas season that we are almost touching with the tips of the fingers, the intelligent speakers will be protagonists at the time of giving gifts. What we do know is that the manufacturers are putting all their efforts to gain a place in the market.