Work environment in the company, get colleagues to become friends

Achieving a good work environment in the company has been shown to make a significant contribution to improving productivity and results. It is not only about improving performance, but about making a team in which everyone is leaning their shoulders and paddling in the same situation. These are very complicated to achieve. Just a black chickpea to rot the situation. But everything is easier if you get your workmates to become friends .

We also do not talk about being intimate, ending work and leaving every day to take something, to the movies or stay on weekends with families. But if there is enough atmosphere of camaraderie today for you and tomorrow for me. Of being to eat today all together because it has arisen , not because it is the company dinner for Christmas.

But this also includes taking others into account when small decisions are made, which may affect them. Talk with your partner before choosing vacation daysand reach a consensus, not making unilateral decisions that harm others. Sometimes there are friends who stop being after working together and on the contrary, they are friends after having shared a trench.

To achieve this it is necessary to have empathy . To put ourselves in the place of others, not just to think about our work, objectives, etc. All this must be directed and supervised by a leader who knows how to listen and join forces, who is also a manager of human resources, not just someone who makes decisions in an office.

But it is also very important that the company applies meritocracy , especially when it comes to assigning projects, promoting , setting incentives or raising salaries. Sometimes the decision is simply an objective fact, which everyone understands as logical for the performance of their work. If it is changed by another arbitrary, it can generate great discomfort in the template.

Finally, we must know how to establish a retention policy. There are elements that are fundamental for the company, and if the time comes they have an offer from another organization and it is not about retaining them … To achieve a good internal environment it is essential that employees feel valued , otherwise it is very complicated , however friendly we all are, create the environment of camaraderie necessary to grow in the company.