Top 5 Web Based Project Management Software

Project management software is the most important element any business or organization should use when undertaking projects. If this isn’t used then there’s a very high possibility of the project failing to meet its target.Businesses can use the high-end project management tools which are paid and often overkill to what is really needed.  Another option is the free and open source project management application but then they sometimes have limited features.

The Perks of Mobile Technology

Nowadays, technology is going “mobile”. Advancement is at its peak and new developments somehow end up being incorporated […]

The best Lighting kits in the market today

The studio environment with all the technical photography accessories once largely belonged to the professional photographers. These days, enthusiasts too get a chance to work up their photography skills as the market is full of a range of pre-packaged lighting kits All you need to do is to set up them in your studio and keeping exploring around.

Templates rotation when the problem is in the middle management

Sometimes it is difficult to explain the rotation of templates that suffer certain companies. There are certain position or departments where time remaining workers really little, despite offering stable contracts or good working conditions or have no toxic employees that create bad environment. But something goes wrong, the atmosphere is not expected shortly and eventually resign. It’s time to see how they work middle managers in the company.

Google Chrome 8 years old today crowned the undisputed king of the browsers

Although it leaked a day before, on September 2, 2008 Google released officially the Beta version of Google Chrome, its brand new web browser. Google had been showing their support for Firefox, but finally decided to go on their own using as main weapons the rendering engine of Safari, WebKit, a new virtual machine that called V8, and a home page very similar to Speed dial Opera.

Eight years have passed since then, that even as little time he has served Chrome to overcome all browsers on the market makes it the absolute leader in the sector. And although lately are born new projects, it seems still very far off that one of them can dethrone the champion of Google.