Nissan IMs EV Sports Sedan is an electric car, semi-autonomous and with a new interior concept

On the occasion of the Detroit Motor Show that opened yesterday its doors to the press, Nissan has unveiled an electric prototype called Nissan IMs EV Sports Sedan concept whose objective is the most ambitious. According to the Japanese manufacturer, it is designed to create a totally new segment.

Depression and adolescence: a frequent relationship that usually goes unnoticed

As someone who does not yet have children, I can hardly imagine the anguish that parents must feel thinking about the possibility that their children suffer from any health problem . Teenagers in particular, who are often elusive and not very communicative with their parents, may be suffering from problems without their being able or knowing how to do something to alleviate them.

The depression is a mental illness that we associate with adulthood, with serious problems , work stress, personal loss or emotional problems. A child or adolescent who has all his needs covered, why would he become depressed?

Chile is the best destination for an adventure trip

For the fourth consecutive year, the Andean country has been chosen winner in the World Travel Awards in the adventure travel category. In the awards, delivered on December 2 in Lisbon, Chile was chosen as the best destination for an adventure trip.

Perhaps it will be because of its peculiar orography, being such a long country that runs practically from the tropical area of ​​the north to the southern austral cold, and having on its surface, deserts, plains, mountains and forest areas . With all those additives, Chile wins and already go 4 times the prize of the WTA in the category.

Witchcraft! These rims can convert the Honda Civic Type R in a hybrid 4×4 car of 520 HP

Can you imagine a hot hatch as fun as the Honda Civic Type R with 520 HP without touching the mechanical part? And what about the ECO sticker on the windshield? And what would happen to be 4WD? It would be a hoot, and it could be around the corner if these tires reached mass production.

These are wheels that house inside a set of bushing, brake system and electric motor that can carry an extra of up to 100 HP per wheel with hardly any impact on the weight, but significantly reducing unsprung masses.