Cost Of A Bad Customer Service

It is downright silly to expect your business to grow with a neglected customer service. That is one […]

The Government Won’t Pay Grants to Restore Contaminated Land

Contamination can occur on old industrial or agricultural sites such as former factories, mines, steelworks, refineries or landfills. The land can be polluted by heavy metals, oils, tars, chemical or radioactive substances, gases and asbestos which have the potential to cause significant damage to humans and other species. Rather than continue to allow for such affected areas to be restored and re-used, the government has abolished capital funding for contaminated land which means that funding needs to come from elsewhere.

Weddings with a difference – How to make your big day stand out

If you have recently got engaged, then first of all congratulations! Planning a wedding should be fun, not a headache, and you will want to put your own personal stamp on the big day and make it enjoyable for the both of you and your guests. The first thing to do, after you finish celebrating your engagement, is to sit down together and work out what you would both like from the day. Do you want a large party, or a more intimate gathering? Do you have large and involved families or a small group of friends? This will help when you decide the venue, as you will know how many people you are catering for.

5 Things You Should Never Forget While Designing Your Business Cards

Business card has the sole responsibility of bridging you and your business to the outside world. You may be dressed in the cotton floral, sipping a Pina-colada at some beach and may just happen to meet a potential business prospect out there. Your perspective client may excuse the informal attire, but if even your business card fails to impress them, you may perhaps bid the entire business potential goodbye!

A Company’s Success Depends On Generating Sales Leads

The success rate of any given company can be triggered by generating sales leads quickly and effectively. Sales leads can be produced by the company itself, but in today’s day and age, and with sales leads being such a competitive enterprise, you may be better off using one of the many lead generation services that are available worldwide. I you have the appropriate software built in to your company, then you will be able to generate excellent sales leads and expose your company to as many clients as possible.