What is the best music for shopping?

As a business owner, it’s not always easy to know which the best genre of music is to play in store. It’s often easier to work out which is definitely the wrong music to play to put your customers off! Music that is played too loudly, is a little too brash or annoying is a big no-no and guaranteed to send your customers running for the door.

Overhead music plays an important role in making customers feel comfortable and encouraging to stay inside your store and continue shopping. If you play the wrong music, you won’t be creating the optimum desired shopping experience which could have a negative impact on your brand and ultimately your sales.

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Choosing the right music has a number of benefits:

It can help to create an atmosphere that develops into a brand experience

Helps to put customers at ease and boosts their mood

Music can provide subtle cues for encouraging a customer to move through a store

Improves staff morale

Helps to increase sales

Background music means much more than simply a silence-filler. It can be an incredibly useful tool to improve store performance and create a more pleasant environment for all those who visit and work there.

See if you can do better than just playing music that is ‘satisfactory’ or ‘ok’. The ideal scenario is to invest a little time and effort into finding the perfect music for your brand, your unique selling point, your products and ultimately, your customers. Here are some tips for finding the best music:

Try not to choose music that is based on your personal music preferences

Whether you like the music or not should not be a deciding factor

If you’re a big fan of a particular genre, only be tempted to use it if it’s the right fit for your business

The same must be applied to the personal preferences of staff members. The preferences of the customer must be placed first and foremost and play what they want to hear.

It’s important that your music matches your branding so think about the different things that make your company unique and how best to represent your corporate personality. Try to use a music genre that shares those defined qualities and characteristics. If you need help with this, contact a professional Music for business company like https://moodmedia.co.uk/sound-solutions

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An example of using music effectively is a luxury jewellery store that plays classical music. Classical music has been shown to encourage customers to make more expensive, high-end purchases. It sets just the right tone for an atmosphere of sophistication, elegance and luxurious living. Wine sellers have also carried out experiments whereby they play classical music instead of pop and noted that when they do, their customers buy more expensive bottles of wine. The more refined the music, the more refined the customer feels.

Always consider how the music will be received by your customers and how well they will respond to it. Pick a genre that best suits their interests and tastes, avoiding anything that might put them off.