Frequently asked questions about building with oak

The oak building tradition in the UK is a long one and people love the character and rich colour of this wood. It is equally at home in both vintage and modern homes but there remain some myths about building with oak. The following are a few questions that people ask before choosing oak frames:

Is it difficult to get insurance for oak framed buildings? Is oak more at risk of fire?

There is no additional risk of fire with oak-framed buildings. Every single structure must comply with Building Regulations whether they are built with steel, brick or oak. Rumours of problems with fire risk and insurance dates back to the Eighties when the rules were not tight and there are problems with softwood construction.

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Oak is extremely fire resistant and, in the event of a fire, the wood will char on the outside and protect the core. By choosing a reputable oak supplier should mean there are no problems with finding insurance. For more information on Oak Garages, visit

Is oak more expensive?

Building with oak does not have to be expensive. It depends on the amount of oak you use, and you can mix it with other types of wood to keep the cost down. Perhaps you could introduce a bit of warmth from oak by adding traditional oak beams in the living room and then different wood throughout the house?

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If you suffer from allergies, are there benefits to building with oak?

Oak frame contains no chemicals or preservatives so can be used in any area of the home, including the flooring.