Time to go the Long Way round

In 2004 the actors and long-time friends Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman decided to go on a motorbike ride. The trip would be from London to New York. Bikes aren’t capable of going on the water, so they decided to go the “Long way round” and record their travels. They needed a trailer to carry some of the stuff they were looking to take with them. They would certainly have required the help of some Trailer Parts from autoandtrailer.com/shop/trailer-parts to assist them.

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Setting off Eastwards from London, the trip would take them through Europe and Ukraine, then Russia. Rather than go through China, they took a northern route through Kazakhstan and Mongolia. They were crossing the Bering Strait by plane this time. They then made their way through Canada and the USA to finally arrive in New York City.

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There were only a few occasions where the boys had to abandon the bikes for a bit. The Channel Tunnel was the first, and they had to use the services of some Russian truck owners where rivers became impassable due to summer ice melt. The aforenoted Bering Strait also needed to be crossed via aeroplane.

They travelled 19 thousand miles in about four months and arrived exactly as they had planned at their New York destination. At the end, they were given a hero’s welcome by an honour guard of bikers and MacGregor’s father. The pair were soon planning another trip, just not as long.