10 advantages of a UPS

A UPS, or uninterruptible power supply, prevents you from losing data if your computer suffers a loss of power. If you rely heavily on computers, therefore, it’s an essential investment. So let’s look in more detail at how it can help.

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1. Protecting your technology investment

The average SMB spends more than six percent of its revenue on IT http://www.networkalliance.com/your-advantage/understanding-technology-costs, and a UPS can help protect your kit against damage from power surges or voltage drops.

2. Saving data

The biggest advantage of a UPS is that it gives you a few minutes to save files following a mains failure. This will save you time having to restore from backups later.

3. Long-term saving

A good quality UPS isn’t cheap but you have to measure this against the potential cost of not having one. An Eaton UPS from a supplier like http://www.cppsales.com/Eaton_UPS_Systems___Accessories-catid17 can easily repay itself in one major power disruption.

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4. Lightning strikes

A lightning strike can cause serious damage to electronic kit, and a UPS helps guard against this by acting as a buffer to the mains voltage.

5. Safety first

Unexpected variations in voltage can, if severe enough, cause a fire and once again, a UPS prevents related problems from reaching your computers.

6. Geography

If you’re based in a rural location fed by overhead wires, power outages can be surprisingly common, even in the 21st century. A UPS in these circumstances is essential.

7. No disturbance

Other electrical equipment, particularly that driven by powerful motors like industrial machinery, can cause interference or noise on nearby circuits which upsets electronic kit. This can be ironed out by a UPS.

8. Automatic shutdown

A UPS can help even when there’s no one in the office. Most businesses leave their servers running all the time and in the event of a power problem out of hours, a UPS can make sure that systems are shut down safely and automatically to preserve your data.

9. Multiple protection

If you have more than one system that needs protection, you can get a UPS that is able to protect several machines. Make sure you plan the capacity you need carefully when buying.

10. Other devices

A UPS isn’t just about protecting computers. You can use it to protect other important kit too, such as communications switches and security camera systems.