4 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Buy Real Estate In Stowe, VT

Real estate is a great investment, one of the ways you can diversify your business profits into more than just your savings account. Buying a home is also a perfect way to settle down and raise a family in a safe and secure environment. Whether you are buying to stay or sell, Stowe, VT has a lot to offer. Stowe is a town in Lamoille County in the state of Vermont in the USA. It is well known as a premier four-season resort destination. Stowe, VT is a beautiful town with alpine and Nordic recreation, world class, mountain biking and a great place to make excellent family memories. Stowe, VT, has a natural setting of mountains, forests, fields, fine air and clear mountain streams that make it a distinctively appealing place to live.

Appreciation potential
Real estate in Stowe has a lot of appreciation potential. The features of this town make it a highly sought after destination for tourism and living. The town is only getting more popular and the economy getting stronger making it an excellent investment opportunity if you plan to sell. While you pay your loan to reduce it, the value of real estate generally goes up. Real estate is not a short term investment, investing in long term real estate can help you realize far much greater value than what you are paying for today.

Rich quality of life
Stowe, VT is quite a town. It is the home to more than 50 luxury resorts, spas, B&BS and romantic county inns. It also has quite a varied dining experience with over 40 restaurants and more awards for culinary excellence than any other town in its size. It offers a fun and adventurous shopping experience with over 70 shops and boutiques that are uniquely owned and operated. One day in town for shopping and dining and you are in for a wonderful treat.

Something for the entire family
If you are planning to start a family, there is no better place to do it than in Stowe, VT. Lots of fun activities for the entire family. It is a popular ski destination with its excellent snow and challenging terrain. There are family resorts with fun activities for the entire family. Hockey and ice skating are also popular activities your children could engage in at the multimillion dollar Ice arena that was opened back in 2013.
Stowe, VT, also has an artistic side. There are multiple craft shows, art shows, a farmers market, opera house and breathtaking views.

Real estate heaven
Stowe has a wonderful community with small town charm. A place where neighbors are friendly and keep an eye out for each other. Stowe, VT, real estate options are quite varies. You can find luxury homes, antique properties from the 1800s, modern contemporary homes, grand alpine condominiums and small efficiency units. There is a something for everyone.

House prices in Stowe typically start from around $300,000. You can also find luxury homes for sale from $1,000,000 and property on the slop side from $2,000,000.