Blockchain is changing web design

The influence of blockchain tech is growing, with the latest evidence suggesting it is making inroads into web design. What changes are being brought about by this trend?

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The basics

While it may have risen to prominence as the underpinning for cryptocurrencies, blockchain has potential in other areas. Even the fluctuations in Bitcoin’s value cannot impact this.

It is a database of sorts, but one that is heavily encrypted and with centralised control by one business. Blockchain can be used to conduct a variety of transactions, ensuring they are recorded correctly and stored in a way that prevents malicious interference.

This is a boon from a digital finance perspective, and also has search and e-commerce implications that will help websites to deliver visitors a more personalised user experience.

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Impressive predictions

Being able to guess what someone wants from your site is difficult without knowing a lot about their habits and tastes. If the blockchain keeps track of all their previous transactions across every online outlet, rather than just your own, you can eliminate any items that might not be relevant and dramatically boost conversion rates as a result.

Blockchain tech could help web designers to trim the fat from sites, effectively doing the same thing that responsive design did in the wake of the smartphone takeover. A Drupal design agency such as will be sure to get ahead of the curve as a result.

Existing obstacles

For the time being, of course, there are still some hurdles to overcome before blockchain can become an integral part of web design. One such issue is that there will need to be widespread support for and adoption of this technology across e-commerce and beyond; otherwise, the whole ‘chain’ will have problems forming effectively to be useful in the first place.

Untangling blockchain itself and adapting it to a different purpose than that for which it is currently being used is another challenge, but not one that is beyond the world of web design. If the end result is that site visitors get a simpler, more flexible experience, the demanding work behind the scenes will have been worthwhile.

Personalisation is often cited as being the most valuable asset of a shopping site by consumers. Blockchain hints at a future in which truly bespoke experiences are offered everywhere.