Commercial dishwashers for newbies: the essentials

Commercial dishwashing units, sometimes referred to as warewashers, are practically essential for any business in the catering and hospitality trade. These washers utilise very hot water and have huge capacities, to wash dishes much faster than domestic units. Read on for our quick guide to commercial dishwashing units.

Commercial dishwashers for newbies

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The benefits of commercial warewashers

Unless you plan on opening a tiny restaurant that will only serve a handful of covers a day, you’ll need a commercial dishwasher. Not only do commercial washers do the hard work for you, they reach far hotter temperatures than domestic ones, which will help your premises achieve an excellent standard of hygiene. They are also designed with commercial use in mind, so they have plenty of room for plates, cutlery or glasses. Commercial warewashers can do a wash load in just a couple of minutes, as opposed to the hour it may take a domestic unit.

Making the most from a commercial dishwasher

Commercial warewashers represent a substantial outlay for catering companies and also represent the biggest user of water and energy for most restaurants, hotels and pubs. This means it’s important to retain both its value and its efficiency by consistent maintenance such as daily log charts and cleaning. Other ways to keep the equipment’s efficiency in tip-top order is to install a pre-rinse wash valve to your sink, giving well soiled dishes and pans a good rinse first and thereby keeping the drains of your washer clearer.

Types of Commercial Warewashers

Those looking to purchase commercial dishwashers through 247cateringsupplies or a similar online stockist will find a huge amount of types to choose from. Under counter, freestanding, front loading and hood varieties all come in a range of sizes and capacity. . The best options are those with the highest water efficiency ratings, and size is not always an indicator here. Look out for features such as wash tank insulation, double wall construction, built-in booster heaters & exchangers and multi-staging systems that reuse rinse water. All of these features improve the water efficiency of a warewasher.

If you are still not sure, then speak to a customer services expert who will be able to guide you. A commercial dishwasher is a sizeable investment and it’s important to choose one that will do the job properly, last a long time and use minimal water and energy.