Different ways Coconut Oil can Benefit You

Coconut oil may not be something you consider as particularly useful; you may regularly use it for cooking, but did you know that coconut oil has so many different uses? Coconut oil as a whole is an incredible product, and the main reason for that is that it’s natural. Eating coconut oil has many benefits such as reducing fat, and killing harmful microorganisms – so it is definitely handy to keep in your kitchen cabinet. Below are the different benefits to coconut oil.

Use it for Beauty

Ran out of your favourite make – up remover? You will want to opt for coconut oil. As coconut oil is a natural ingredient, it is great on your skin, and will most definitely make it feel softer. Soak a cotton wool ball, or a reusable make – up wipe in warm water, and then gently rub onto the surface of the coconut oil… you can then begin to gently rub it on the areas where there is make – up. This quickly and effectively removes any dirt from your face.

You can even use coconut oil to combine with other ingredients to make natural face masks. Is there anything coconut oil can’t make?!

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Use it Around Your Home

Coconut Oil is an incredible natural substitute for many cleaning products and certainly saves you money too.

You can use coconut oil to remove sticky labels; there is nothing more frustrating than when you are trying to remove a stubborn sticky label from a glass. Dip a bit of cloth into warm water and then rub in the coconut oil, and then carefully rub over the label – this should remove that annoying sticky label in no time.

coconut oil can also be used as furniture polish; add some into a small bowl, along with ½ tbsp of white vinegar and lemon juice to polish your surfaces. Use this amazing natural ingredient to clean showers, fix those dreaded squeaky hinges, and remove crayon marks from your wall – the possibilities are endless! Why not test out these coconut oil cleaning recipes in your workplace? It will certainly make for a cheap and natural cleaning alternative. If cleaning your office doesn’t seem like your thing though, you may want to get in touch with companies such as https://classiccleaningservices.com/commercial-cleaning-services/office-cleaning/office-cleaning-london/office-cleaning-city-of-london/, a City of London Office Cleaning company that can take control of cleaning your offices, work toilets, and kitchen.

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Use instead of Health Products

Coconut oil can be used as a substitute for a range of health products such as natural insect repellent; rub some on your skin, and those pesky mosquitos will leave you alone. Coconut oil is also one of 3 common ingredients used to make natural mouthwash; mix some coconut oil, baking soda, and peppermint essential oil together to create a natural mouth freshener. Coconut oil contains a natural form of antibiotic, so this makes for the perfect oral care product.