Family friendly furry friends for your home

A growing number and considerably large proportion of young couples and families with children decide to purchase a pet for their homes. Possibly the majority of these will decide upon a dog or a cat but there are many other family friendly, furry options to choose from.  Gerbils, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits or even Mice and Rats.  Gerbils are fun to watch as they are burrowing animals by nature and they spend long periods of time digging, Hamsters are very active but nocturnal so will sleep a lot during the day.  Guinea Pigs make quite a lot of sounds and you will soon learn to understand when they are excited, sad, happy or angry.  They are very gentle by nature and fairly easy to handle so a good option for adults and children alike.  Rabbits can be a great pet but consider that they are naturally Prey animals and if you keep them outside in a hutch they might succumb to a fox or other predators.

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Rabbits can also be quite skittish as they could perceive somebody trying to pick them up as a danger and can be known to bite, kick or scratch.

Mice and rats although rodents can be very clean and loving pets, mice particularly are friendly and can give hours of entertainment for a child as they climb ropes and dash through tunnels.  Rats love interaction and can actually get depressed if left without any attention.

If you are thinking of getting a dog or cat as a pet for your home, why not think about a rescue centre and rehome an older animal.  Try the RSPCA they help with bringing together dogs and cats with loving families who want to help an animal that’s not had the best start in life.  The animals they care for are normally older and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes with ready made personalities.

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They have a lot of love to give and have unique qualities that can make a rescue animal an ideal choice but consider that they may have been mistreated, beaten or starved.  In these extreme cases the animal you are considering may have traits that make it unsafe for children to be in close proximity with them.

Before you choose your new dog or cat think about all the equipment you will need to have before you take them home.  Dog Collars and Leads, food bowls, comfortable bedding, scratch posts, litter trays and toys to keep them happy.  Dogs and cats tend to have long lives so make sure you are prepared to commit to many years of looking after your pet before making the decision to get one.  They will definitely bring you and your family lots of love and affection, plenty of laughs and fond memories.