How the Modern-retro Trend is Influencing Web Design

Modern-retro has been influencing fashion design for many years, as designers take trends from the past and inject them into their current collections. It then started to gain ground in logo design, with many big brands updating their branding with a modern-retro feel. Video games and TV shows that were prominent during the early computer age have also had a modern comeback, with the success of Pokémon Go being one of the best examples. This, of course, has filtered down to web design.

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But Why is Modern-retro Tending?

Modern-retro is a design style loved by both baby boomers and millennials, so it doesn’t alienate a large proportion of potential customers. Harking back to the ‘good old days’ and simpler times is appealing for a busy society.

How is Web Design Meeting the Modern-retro Trend?

In terms of web design, modern-retro refers to the age of early computers between the late 1970s and early 1990s. Think pixel art, huge mobile phones, boxy monitors and vintage video games. It doesn’t mean ‘vintage’ in the sense of anything pre-1970s.

If you’re thinking of creating a website using a modern-retro theme, search for a local professional agency for web design in South Devon, such as They’ll be able to help create a website with a modern retro feel that also stays true to your business values. You will also want to have them create a logo and other digital files you can use on your social media profiles and email signatures, so that you have a consistent brand across all of your web presence.

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The key features of modern-retro web design include pixel based illustrations and geometric shapes. Other design tools like a flat design and bubble-style typography help to achieve the look.

Neon is another big trend that we’re seeing, and web designers are using it in imagery, graphics and typography. This is referencing the old school video games that featured neon elements.

It is, of course, important to strike the right balance between the modern-retro trend and your business. If it doesn’t suit your company’s style or values, think about a different design style. Some of the industries that the modern-retro trend works well for include restaurants and food brands, barbers, hairdressers and bands.