Most durable kitchen flooring

In some homes, kitchens take a lot of wear and tear, particularly if children and pets are part of the household. In others, a different kind of lifestyle means that the householder doesn’t do much cooking, but wants an attractive space with aesthetic appeal.

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Every homeowner has their own set of unique requirements for their new kitchen floor.

What most people share is a desire for a kitchen floor that looks great, adds value to the house and most of all, lasts. There is nothing worse than splashing out on kitchen flooring that looks great at first but soon begins to crack, yellow or mark. It is important to consider how the flooring will work with the newly designed kitchen that you have planned from places such as Kitchens Doncaster company Specialists like this will be able to advise you on the types of flooring that you may want to consider and those to steer clear of completely.

Engineered wood – easy to clean and durable

More and more people are turning to engineered wood flooring to solve the durability problem. Initially, some householders can be sceptical, worrying that engineered woods can’t be cleaned easily. But today’s wood cleaners are highly effective, while a sealed surface on the top layer of the floor means that it is stain-resistant. Good Housekeeping has a number of reviewed products for cleaning wooden or engineered wood surfaces.

Able to cope with moisture and heat

Engineered wood is particularly suitable for kitchens because cooking produces heat and humidity. The structure of engineered wood means that it has a layer of real wood over other material, usually plywood. So it is more structurally stable and capable of dealing with fluctuations in temperature and in the moisture content of the air.

Stains are inevitable in the kitchen due to cooking, and if a really vibrantly-coloured turmeric or saffron dish is spilt on the floor, a vinyl floor covering will probably never recover and will always show a yellow stain. However, because an engineered wood floor consists of planks, you always have the option to replace one or two planks that have become irreparably stained.

Let’s not forget that durability is not simply about stain resistance and other physical qualities. A timeless, classic floor will not go out of date and provides a more durable, long lasting design feature for the kitchen. Patterns can be fashionable at one time but often date and make the entire kitchen look old-fashioned. So the timeless quality of a wood finish can prove far more durable in style terms than the latest fashionable colours, finishes or patterns.