Perceiving The Different Symptoms Of Syphilis In Women And Men

A bacterial infection that is generated due to sexual contact is known as syphilis. At the beginning of the disease, a painless sore can be discovered that is usually in the mouth, rectum and genitals. If not treated, it can be life-threatening as well. It spreads from one individual to another because of unshielded sexual intercourse. You might ignore the symptoms today, but there are numerous cases where the disease was seen becoming active after several years.  If you have ever engaged in unprotected sexual contact, it is important that you go through a thorough check up today.

The risks associated

The disease as mentioned above can make any person highly uncomfortable. As this disease causes sores, you might get infected with other viruses and bacteria. There is a high chance of other people getting infected if they come in contact with the blisters. Syphilis includes a plethora of stages. The symptoms will vary based on the acuteness of the illness. Lymph nodes might swell as well. Though it heals itself within six weeks, the bacteria still exist in the body that can be a risk. With the advancement of this illness, the blisters turn reddish-brown along with the appearance of pus.

Signs in men

If a male is infected with syphilis, the sores are likely to be found in the groin area or the penis. You can even think of syphilis symptoms as a rash by mistake. You might discover discharges as well. When you find blisters on your rectum, tongue and lips, you must visit the clinic for a check-up as it might be an indication of the disease as mentioned above. Not necessarily, the sores will only appear on the genital area. Body tissue or blood can be employed for testing whether you have this disease or not. The more you delay it, the more severe the symptoms become. Save yourself from risks by getting treated as soon as you detect the indications.

Watchfulness is necessary for females

When it comes to females, the disease called Syphilis can prove to be quite threatening as the symptoms are not always visible. Symptoms of syphilis usually emerge in the inner portion of the vagina. The area of the cervix can also be a potential area for the occurrence of the signs. As these do not lead to noticeable discomfort, the blisters might not catch the attention of females that can be quite dangerous. Sticking to a single partner and avoiding unprotected sex are the two measures that must be taken for preventing syphilis.