Popular Plastic and Cosmetic Procedures for Men

When you hear about plastic or cosmetic surgery, you tend to immediately think about women because they form the major segment of customers. However, there are also many men who opt for cosmetic or plastic surgery. Atlanta plastic surgery services are known to receive male patients in significant numbers. In the era of the metro sexuality, many men are turning to Plastic surgery in Atlanta in order to enhance their appearance.Below are some of the commonly availed plastic surgery services for men.

Gynaecomastia (also known as Male breast reduction)

With a condition known as “man boobs”, no man feels comfortable socializing. It’s difficult for such a man to go outdoors without feeling self-conscious. The cause of this condition is basically breast tissue on a man’s chest that can be triggered by weight loss that results in sagging skin when fat is reduced. Alternatively, it may be a result of ageing since fat tends to get stored in the chest. Whatever the cause, gynaecomastiais a process that firmsyou pectorals and gets rid of unnecessary skin or deposits of fat.

Chest implants

Many men choose to use chest implants to enhance their look. Chest implants or pectoral implants are strategically used for defining the shape of a man’s chest. With these implants, physicians are known to achieve a high degree of success with patients being fully satisfied with the results.

Many men can’t get any result near to these even when they go to a gym. The best part about this solution is that it saves time and effort. So, it best suits those who are busy and don’t have time to spare working themselves into shape. Normally, this method is a top consideration for men who are older and find that they have weaker chest muscles. This is when they should opt for cosmetic surgery Atlanta services and improve their outlook.

Tummy tuck – Abdominoplasty

A tummy tuck is sought by those men who want to have a flat stomach. Basically, the abdominal muscles are tightened in this process, and the excess fat or skin is removed from the abdominal area. This process helps to reduce a sagging belly or hanging folds of skin that are usually a result of quick weight loss.

Tummy tucks are often carried out along with liposuctionin order to remove a pot belly. Some people exercise to get rid of excess fat. However, sometimes a remaining layer of stubborn fat refuses to go away, and this is when a tummy tuck is best used. The best solution for this is to opt for plastic surgery in Atlanta.

Ear Surgery (also known as Otoplasty)

Men and women alike are concerned about the way that their ears look. Sometimes, your ears are not balanced and may be formed undesirably. However, this can be corrected through otoplasty which can set your ears right permanently.


In simple terms, rhinoplasty is nose surgery. This is a process through which your nose can be reshaped and can improve your breathing. Through plastic surgery in Atlanta, you can avail this service and reshape your nose desirably.

Non-Surgical procedures

There are many non-surgical procedures that people opt for when they want to correct their physical features. Some of these includethe use of anti-wrinkle injections as well as fillersthat help to refresh and enhance their appearance and do away with the signs of ageing.

There are many services for plastic surgery in Atlanta available for dealing with feature improvement. All you need to do is contact them for consultation. You can do your own research as well to find out how each process works and what the pros and cons are.