Quick ways to boost your home’s kerb appeal

Making your home more appealing is essential if you are hoping to put it on the market for sale or rental. There are some steps you can take to boost its appearance and hopefully secure a new owner. The photograph of the exterior of the home is usually the first one used in a gallery on home listing sites. If this image is unappealing, fewer people will click on it, leading to less interest and perhaps no viewings.

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Is your front door tired and beyond repair?

The front door is the first part of the house that a visitor will notice, so if it is tired and shabby, it’s time for a revamp. Either paint the door to freshen it up, or if it’s beyond repair, consider replacing it to add kerb appeal and value to the house. Spending the money will pay off.

Make sure the whole exterior looks fresh and inviting. Add some plants to the front entrance, and sweep away any leaves or dirt that has accumulated. If there is rubbish accumulating on the pavement outside your home or the neighbour’s property, remove it.

Maintaining the window frames and paintwork is essential for an overall positive appearance. Repaint or re-point any unsightly brickwork. A brick cladding procedure can be carried out by professionals including https://www.telling.co.uk/architecture/brick-cladding/. According to This Is Money, it’s possible to add £4,000 to the value of your home simply by spending £4,000, instantly boosting the kerb appeal.

Landscape the garden and clear weeds away

If you have gardens, cut the lawns, remove weeds and tidy up. Landscape any beds with colourful flowers or use planters and hanging baskets. Some creepers are not an ideal choice for brickwork as they can easily pull the mortar away from the pointing. If necessary, call in a landscape gardener for a more professional result.

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Hide the bins as these can be unsightly, and in summer, they can be responsible for obnoxious odours. Place them in a garage or shed, away from people coming to view the property. If you don’t have any suitable places to stow them away, make sure the lids are secured and that they are washed down. Remember to fix any broken gutters, side gates or fencing around the property to ensure your home will be aesthetically pleasing.