Short Break benefits for you

If you’re used to working hard all year and eagerly awaiting your single two-week holiday during the summer, it might be time to think about taking more mini-breaks. It can be far nicer to use less of your annual leave for multiple short breaks than using it all in one block. Here you’ll see many reasons why you should holiday more for shorter periods and why it’s good for you, both mentally and physically.

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While longer holidays are great for really immersing yourself in a culture and place, however you can take in far more destinations when you take several short trips. Imagine taking a weekend break every month – you could experience 12 new destinations in a single year! There’s no shortage of places to visit but I bet you wont regret asking yourself what are the Things to do in Market Harborough? Check out sites including and it will be sure to keep you going through your short break with shops, restaurants, cafes and more!

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Short Breaks More Action-Packed

When you’re spending less time in a place, you’re more likely to fill that time with far more activities and sight-seeing. This makes a short break feel longer and more satisfying. With long holidays, we tend to take things slowly so when we return to work, the holiday feels shorter than it was. An action-packed short break can leave us feeling more refreshed and energised than a fortnight on a beach.

Limited Luggage

Not many people enjoy the endless packing for big vacations. The great thing about short breaks is that you only need to throw a few things into a weekend bag and off you go.

No Mountain of Work to Return to

Some people find it hard to switch off and relax from work responsibilities, especially when a large holiday will inevitably mean a mountain of paperwork to return to. A short break can make it much easier to disconnect from work for a few days without worrying about things piling up in your absence.

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More Productive

Short breaks have been proven to make you more productive and able to focus, acting as periods of revitalisation. By getting away from work and usual routine, people return feeling fresher and more content to get back into work.


Obviously, a short break is going to be easier on the wallet than a long holiday to the other side of the globe. Travel distances will be smaller, so travel costs and less nights spent away bring down the cost considerably.

Easier for Pets

If you’re like most families in this country, you’ll have a beloved cat, dog, gerbil, parrot or other variety of pet that needs looking after. It’s much easier and cheaper to find a pet sitter for a short break than it is for a longer holiday. There are many more options available when it’s a quick weekend break you’re after, even if it’s last minute.

Go at Short Notice

Planning a big vacation takes real effort – you have to work around annual leave and then there’s the family commitments to take care of. A short break, on the other hand, can be planned in a matter of hours and doesn’t need to cause any upheaval to normal arrangements. Choose a destination, bag a weekend bag and jump in the car!