Six ceiling trends for 2019

If you are turning your attention to renovating your house, and are thinking of changing your ceiling, we have some fabulous ideas here which are hot trends for 2019.

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1 Classy octagons

Flat and white ceilings are passé now. Bring some freshness to the area by using octagonal structures which are both classy and trendy.

In fact, don’t feel held back – you can select any structure you like, provided it is charming. White is the best colour for structural designs.

2 Curved design

The world is turning to curved designs. Curved ceilings are a hot trend for this year, and look very classy and sleek. If you are using a renovation company, hire only the best. Curved designs will fit in anywhere – whether the bedroom, kitchen, living room or other areas.

If you are considering ceiling roses, they are available from

For how to make your ceilings look taller, see here:

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3 Stripes above

If you want to ring the changes and don’t like a solid block of paint hue, this is for you. Simply add multi-colour stripes to the ceiling – it is advisable to hire a decorator to undertake this tricky work.

4 Ceiling divided by light

Your room will look classy with this style. This ceiling design employs artistic, delicate work. Skillful electrical work is necessary, so use an expert renovator who has the right blend of skill and creativity to do the work for you. It will be worth it when your home has a fresh new look.

5 Wood on the ceiling

Wooden ceilings look great and never go out of fashion. While wood has already been placed on the floor and even the walls, in 2019 it’s time to embrace it on the ceiling. Various designs are possible: the sky is the limit if you have a creative designer.

6 Brick and stone

Using brick and stone designs on the ceiling brings out the best in these materials, and puts them at the forefront of design trends. Brick construction is traditional and durable, making it an excellent choice for many homes. Brick ceilings are challenging due to their weight. However, if you want a particular look or have an older dwelling, a brick ceiling should be possible using special construction techniques.