Something a little different – Adding an individual touch to your wedding day

From the moment that you begin planning your wedding, you will be swamped with ideas from everyone around you, magazines, wedding planners and anyone else who has an idea they want to share with you! It is easy to get swamped in this tidal wave of wedding paraphernalia, but remember it is your wedding – and if you are wanting it to stand out from the crowd or to add that personal touch, have a think about what you want and truly make it your own.

Transport: If you are planning to have your reception away from where you are having your ceremony, how will you transport your guests? There are all sorts of amazing ideas out there, from going by horse and cart, even to a hot air balloon ride! Be creative – think what suits you and your budget.

Wedding Favours: Consider where you are getting married and the time of year – for example if you are getting married on a beach abroad what about some personalised flip flops for your guests? Think about where your reception is and what might be a nice memento of your special day for your guests. After the big day, it is a nice idea to send out personal thank you notes as well – make sure you have a good photographer, like Kent wedding photographer and you can send out some pictures of your wedding on a card for your guests to keep.

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Something for the kids: If you are having lots of younger guests at your wedding, create an area where they can run around and get all that cake out of their system! If you have a large outdoor space, provide games such as footballs, or a giant snakes and ladders. If you are creating an indoor area why not set up a separate table with colouring books and pens, and some puzzles and board games to keep them occupied.

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Guest Book – This is such an important reminder of your day, but why not stick to the traditional book? Add a bit of your personality to it, or if your day has a theme, see if you can do something along those lines. How about a polaroid camera, which every guest uses to take picture of themselves, then is asked to write a message on the back? Or how about leaving some paints or coloured pens so they can get a bit creative with their wedding wishes to you?

Remember, whatever you decide to do, it is your day and it is most important that you both enjoy it!