Summertime in your Garden

With British summertime coming year after year, we all love throwing open our doors and windows and enjoying the fresh air after a long winter. If you’re looking out onto a bit of a jungle though, it might be time to start thinking about how you can get the best out of your garden ready for next summer. After a winter of neglect, here are some tips to smarten up your outside space so you can fully enjoy the summer season.

If you are having trouble coming up with any inspiration for your garden overhaul then consider visiting some gardens.   There are many wonderful British gardens open to visitors and nothing beats walking through them in one of your Plus Size Dresses found at links including to pick up on the sights and smells that you just can’t get from a magazine picture. Take a look at how the gardens have been designed, what you love about them and you’ll leave brimming with ideas and excitement about things that can be reproduced in your garden area.

Maybe consider having a conservatory to create a flow between the house and your garden space.

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Get tough with plants that just aren’t working out. If they don’t suit your soil or you’ve pruned it to death, put it out of its misery and bin it. Choose plants that you love and that will flourish in your soil conditions. There is a wealth of information available that will guide in what plants are best suited to different conditions.

Keep it simple is probably great advice as it’s easy to get carried away with all the lovely things you see in the garden centre. Bear in mind though that borders can look messy and confused if you overdo it so narrow down your choices and repeat these when planting to create a nice visual flow and rhythm in your borders.

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Weeding is a time-consuming but important activity to keep your garden in tip top shape. If you don’t want to spend all summer weeding then mulch is a quick and easy solution to get rid of those unsightly weeds. Mulch works by preventing sunlight getting through and so will stop all but the toughest of weeds from germinating. It is also great for keeping your soil moist and warm.

Make sure you get out in your garden as much as possible. Disconnect the games consoles and get those kids out as there is nothing more lovely than enjoying time with children outside in the garden. Younger ones will be tempted by small garden tools to encourage them to get involved in the gardening. Climb trees, hunt for bugs, pick fruit and vegetables – it doesn’t matter what you do but time spent together in the fresh air is good for the soul.

If you have water in your garden then you’ll want to get rid of any algae early on the summer. Try using a recommended solution to rid your water of algae and pondweed which can turn your water in a green soupy looking affair. A solution should be harmless to plants, pets and fish and works by filtering light to disrupt photosynthesis which encourages weeds to grow.