What I Wear To A Wedding?

Our best friend or your cousin announces that she is getting married this year and after the initial joy comes the doubts. What do I wear for such a special day? The mission is not easy, you have to go spectacular but not eclipse the bride. There are a lot of rules that you have to follow in order not to disengage while I personally think there are others that we can skip. I leave some examples of famous that hit and others not so much.

1. The white color, prohibited for the guests? YES

Even if it is the color that best suits you after spending a month on the beach or you think you can wear what you want to be the sister of the groom, you should not dress in white or any of its shades: broken white, beige, ivory … It is the exclusive color of the bride for her to stand out and only her, and it is considered a sign of contempt to choose it. Much less if the dress you choose is long. As much as you think it is a party dress, you can take the nasty surprise of looking like a clone of the bride. Remember that wedding dresses are becoming less classic and look more like catwalk dresses. If you do not meet the norm on the day you get married you will have five friends dressed in white…

Lydia Bosch skipped this rule to the bullfighter. Appeared at the wedding of Genoveva Casanova with a design of Oh what a broken white moon with a black ribbon under his chest. She was fortunate that the bride chose a very classic design, but if she had worn a more modern model they would have looked like twins. By the way, the dress was infinitely more beautiful than the one worn by Lydia Bosch on the day of her own wedding.

2. The black is it just for parties? DO NOT.

I do not understand why this custom of not using this color to go to a wedding is still maintained. Black is the most elegant color of all and with which it is always right, so it should not be discarded for this type of event. The only thing to avoid is that it looks like a New Year’s Eve dress: outside sequins, fabrics with glitter or exaggerated cuts. It is also not recommended for weddings during the day, better for winter weddings or summer nights.

Kate Bosworth gives a lesson on how to bring the black to a wedding and be perfect. A simple gauze dress with an original neckline that led to the wedding of one of her best friends.

3. Look American Bridesmaid. Old fashioned? YES.

It is forbidden to wear an armed dress, a word of honor and pastel color, especially avoid salmon and lilac. It is a look that has been worn for years both in Spain and on the other side of the Atlantic and the only thing that is achieved is to throw years on.

Jennifer Garner is a perfect example of this look. I have to say in her defense that being one of the bridesmaids has no choice but to wear it.

4. is the godmother also the protagonist? DO NOT.

The mother of the groom is a very important character of the wedding but has to be aware that she already had her wedding. There are many bridesmaids who try to stand out above the bride and see the feather duster. If the bride is wearing a simple dress the godmother should not go too spectacular. Scratches and hyper-colored suits are also out of place.

A Marina Danko liked it so much the dress of their future daughter in law who decided to buy one like it. Word of honor, tight to waist, satin fabric and even the detail of the bow under the chest. Either they did not talk before the wedding or Marina did not get over “no longer is the prettiest party.”