Whatsapp Success Story

Things work the best for those who make the best of how things work. Brain Acton, and Jan Koum were the innovators of WhatsApp which is the now at the top of all messaging applications on the globe. Whatsapp has helped a lot people to chat and connect with the people with whom they meet after years. Something for sure makes whatsapp the most used messaging application and a competition for the other messaging apps who keep trying to attract the android users towards them but that craze of whatsapp has not decreased and looks like will never end.

Jan Koum was a believer. He went on with finding the brilliant product which is whatsapp. WhatsApp is a smart application which does not require any personal information in order to use it. The user can easily use by downloading the application and keeping in touch with his phone contacts who also use Whatsapp. The founder did not want to add every tits and bits of life into this app. And this is how he became a billionaire.

Jan Koum did not belong to a financially strong background .He worked together with Acton in Yahoo for almost nine years and then left the company together. Then they applied to Facebook, but had no gains. They didn’t plan something which could make them so rich until they thought of making an application for i-phone users .They then created the app which reached the zenith of Whatsapp Success in no time. This was because the users saw it as easy to use application and they need not to register anywhere in order to use the application. This was the dream come true for both the partners.

Jan and Brian earn millions of dollars without any advertising on the app. They made money in two ways. They started charging i-phone users on first time installation and the Android users every year. A lot of people used the app and paid both on of them. Around 250 million people use WhatsApp in just a month. This is really huge number for any application to achieve in such less time.