There have been numerous studies to show the way you make your home defines your personality in many ways. It is also known to have a huge effect on your tastes. It not only reflects your tastes but also your social status, it doesn’t matter is you are Decoration your own home or houses for rent in Bangalore, Mumbai or any other city.

From an ambitious mind to a creative mind, there are several things that reflect a person’s temperament. Neatly stacked book shelves represent a curious mind while clothes stacked neatly in a cupboard also reflect a more organized mind. It’s important to note however that it is not just the cupboard or the bedrooms that define your personality but your dining room can say a lot about you and your housing style.

1. SLEEK WITH A MODERN TOUCH  Dark colours keeping in mind the sharp corners and latest type of technology all shows an up-to-date and an ambitious personality.  The ambitious personality does not have time for very elaborate layouts so they use ultra-modern furniture  These personalities are mostly A-type and spend more time acting than relaxing.

2. LUXURIOUS LIFESTYLE  People investing in state of the art furniture with elegant wooden tables, comfortable chairs and expensive cutlery are all signs of everyone who has achieved a lot in life.  Sleek yet expensive defines the lifestyle of a man/woman with ambition, someone who is an up-comer in life.  Someone can have a huge budget to invest in plush and luxurious furniture but if they don’t have great taste, the assets can be useless.

3. SOOTHING AND NATURAL  Earth Tones, natural wood coupled with delicious home making make it perfect for a soothing and natural dining room. People using natural wood in their dining tables give the impression that they are easier going and give preference to enjoying life rather than decorating the dining room with expensive furniture.  Moreover, natural wood used in furniture for your dining room exudes a natural a naturally soothing and relaxing atmosphere extending into every room in the house.

4. FOR THE OLD-FASHIONED  A dining table made out of mahogany, beautifully crafted chairs and a glass of expensive scotch beside each and every guest shows you a day into the life of the hosts.  The people would be the old fashioned and classy sort of people living the old fashioned traditional life filled with extravagant lunches and more family time.  It defines class and elegance.

5. COZY FEELING  A wine-stained tablecloth, an overly crowded liquor cabinet and completely full book shelves are all indications of a cluttered yet cozy dining room.  The owners can be identified as creative people, people who thrive on organized chaos, people with ideas.  While the plush and luxurious dining room style defines the ambitious class of people, the cozy dining room is more inclined towards the more disorganized and creative people.

6. SIMPLE AND SWEET  There are some who prefer keeping it simple- people who don’t care about the style of the dining room as much as others.  There are some who invest in decent furniture but are not overly eager on the elegance involved.  These people are the ones who would rather spend on other things in the house than the furniture required in a dining room  These people can either be categorized as the people who cannot afford such elaborate furniture or who would not like to spend as much on this. The dining room is a very important part of your house and shows your hospitality to a great extent. People who spend time planning out the type of cutlery they would want to serve in, the craft on the chairs, the design of their dining tables all points towards people with taste.

Conclusion: Experimenting with different natural paintings can add to the aesthetic appeal of your dining room. Different colours, neutral colour yet not dull are an important aspect of your dining room setting. Too many bright colours might take away the attention from the elaborate set up of your dining table. More importantly, the importance of a good dining room is so that you feel good about a meal at home.