Why people love listening to vinyl

Just when you thought vinyl was a thing for the display cases in a museum, it makes a comeback! The format has become so popular again that it doesn’t look like it’s going extinct soon. Millions of units of vinyl are selling year on year, and it seems music lovers cannot get enough of this original format. Here are some reasons why it remains as popular as ever:

For those who list music as a passion, they claim that they can hear the difference in sound between vinyl and CD or digital and that vinyl simply sounds better. For youngsters especially, who have grown up with MP3s and CDs, when they hear vinyl for the first time, they instantly know there is something different about the sound. Records have a greater ability to fill a room, sound warmer and make subtle instrument sounds easier to hear.

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Vinyls that are produced today are of a better quality than those pressed in the 1960s for example. The original recordings are now digital and not done on tape masters, plus the recording equipment is more advanced now.

Another much-loved aspect of the sound is the surface noise of a needle on the vinyl as it hums along the grooves with an occasional crackling sound. Many people love this authentic sound and it adds a certain texture to the listening experience. To add to your own collection, see Vinyl Records at https://www.vinylrecords.co.uk/

Nostalgia is clearly fuelling some of the recent sales. Those who grew up in the 60s and 70s will often miss the way they used to listen to music. Digital music is convenient and portable, but for some, they still want to feel the music in their homes.

Another thing people love about vinyl that’s missing with digital music is the tactile experience. When you play a vinyl record, there is something to feel, handle and position. It’s not just music but a tangible experience that you are interacting with. It’s all about experiencing the music and not merely listening to it.

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Vinyl records are attractive to look at, especially in a collection. They simply look better than a row of CDs or cassette tapes. Some people even buy vinyl simply because they love the packaging, the impressive artwork on the sleeve and the way vinyl looks when on display.

Of all the different formats available, vinyl is the most valuable. A record today could sell for ten times its original price in a couple of decades from now. That is unlikely to be the same for CDs and certainly not for people’s personal digital download collections!