The most useful Google search tricks

Do you know the existing commands to improve the accuracy of search on Google? Simply adding certain characters will achieve results only to find that really interest you.

Google search is as simple as writing down what you want and press a button, and there are also many curious features that you have already read in many articles online. However, when we need to refine your search to narrow the results and ensure that they conform as far as possible to the desired, there are a number of commands that are operated certain filters.

These are the most useful tricks to search Google, you’ll get to improve your searches and be more precise…

The most useful Google search tricks

1) Look for an exact phrase: If you want a phrase in quotes, you just appear the web pages on which the words appear exactly which have put, and not semantically contain relevant information on that search, being similar (Example: “how to install a hard drive”).

2) Find results within a web page: If you are interested in the content of a particular website but no search function, just go to google and add site: domain name followed by the word you want to find in it (example: site: technology tricks).

3) Filter the results by file type: Looking for a PDF or a Word document on a particular topic, rather than web results? Just add the command filetype: followed by the file extension that interests you at the end of your search (example: notes history filetype: PDF).

4) Find related results: If you have given a URL that you find interesting and want to know what are the main the same issue, copy the URL, paste it into Google and put forward results related (example: related: http: //

5) Excludes a specific term: If you add the “-” (minus) in front of a word, the exclude of results. So, if you want to look up recipes without a specific ingredient, look for “recipe: tomatoes soup” and make it.

6) Stick to an interval: By adding two straight points between figures, will specify that the search results are between those values. This is a perfect trick to find, for example, between 8,000 and 1,000 dollars cars (example: cars  … 8,000$-10,000$).

7) Local Searches: Want to know what restaurants serve pizza in your neighborhood? Then just add your zip code to the search term (example: pizza 28080).

8) Includes similar terms: If you want any words preceded by the symbol ~, the results with synonyms are also displayed. For example, ~ desserts with fruit will serve for both cakes to fruit salads or other recipes.