7 reasons why your customers unsubscribe (or run away) from your newsletter

Why? Why? If I had done with a large number of followers and wrote thinking about them. Why have they abandoned me? Sometimes the reasons are simple: for heavy. At the moment I just unsubscribed from a list.

He is a very respected person in his profession but it became overwhelming to have an email from him every week. Was he able to offer brilliant advice every week? Besides his pessimistic and critical tone regarding his sector I did not like. The ego is a bad companion.

1. I, me, me .

In the medium term is virtue. A contact list has an aim and is to create a community. You already have a lot to make a person decide to subscribe and READ your emails. Do not give them reasons to decide not only not to read you but to unsubscribe.

Talk about topics that interest you. Your stories and some personal touch can be enjoyable and even necessary to turn that relationship into something closer, but without pretending that your customers would like to know every negative experience you’ve had in your sector.

2. Don Quixote is a masterpiece but you are not Cervantes.

I know, we all like to have an audience and sometimes, that fact can make us believe that he has all the time in the world to read our stories. And I’m not talking about discounts, promotions or interesting information, but a complex text to read and long.

Abbrevia, the good if brief twice good.

3. You are not alone

Every day we subscribe to a list. We make a purchase and as a reflex we sign up. We think it can serve us in the medium term .

This is the clue: you are not alone. Therefore, when you write to your clients do not forget to personalize your texts: Dear Pablo, Hello Miguel Ángel, How are you, Maribel?

4. There are other places with charm .

Ok, you express yourself well but you already do it in other social networks and even in your website or blog. For the client it is enough. It has not been unsubscribed but it does not read you because it does not need so much information. Think of them. Follow you

5. Do any of your emails benefit?

Rush. The lack of time. Yes, we spend many hours hooked to the mobile, and that can turn against us. Against you in this case. You already have a customer saturated with the Internet and its stimuli.

It offers relevant, practical, attractive information with a hook that makes you stay.

6. Fair promotions .

I will not buy you more because you write to me every day. What obsession some companies have in offering promotions every week! But not only through an email. Send two a week in case you forgot.

Do you know empathy? Have you ever stopped to think about what led your customers to sign up on your list? Because I am convinced that to receive promotions so that they buy weekly, no.

7.I’m here, do not forget me .

As in couple relationships. Give time to miss you. Do we not value more when our love leaves us room to breathe and gives us days to think about it while we live?

With your clients the same. They will not love you anymore. Neither to buy daily because almost daily or weekly send them two emails telling them how much you love them in a subtle way and wanting to sell and sell.

Take a breath, and calm. Let them miss you and so you will have time to offer more interesting and elaborated content.