Conveyancing firms should embrace digitisation: here’s why

As things stand, the vast majority of land and property disposals are documented using paper deeds; however, for over 15 years, the law has reflected the changing nature of technology in the conveyancing world. Section 91 of the Land Registration Act 2002 stipulates that electronic documents with electronic signatures can be considered deeds once standardised rules concerning their use come into effect. This is now something conveyancing firms should be prepared for, with digitisation the way to achieve this.

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A current talking point

Delegates at the Conveyancing Association’s annual conference attended a series of talks regarding the changing world of conveyance work, one aspect of which is the ways that clients expect to find, reach and interact with their legal advisers.

Paul Smee, the chairman of the Conveyancing Association, pointed out that firms that are future-ready will stand out in the coming years. Representatives from conveyancing solicitors Guildford and across the UK were told that ignoring the changes was not an option. No matter what their current standing or client portfolio, the market will be flipped on its head once everything went electronic.

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How to go digital in conveyancing

The elements of modernisation that firms such as need to embrace include new technology and staff training. The emergence of new technology is leading to a range of new and innovative products, with firms that can offer these and respond to client requests for the same benefiting over those that do not. Whilst not all firms will want to offer all products, each should consider which technologies will best benefit them and ensure that these are introduced in a timely manner.

There were also updates on the progress made in the last year since the government’s Call for Evidence on improving home buying and selling was published.

Improving the customer experience

The closing arguments all pointed to improving the customer experience, meeting expectations, and how digitalisation plays a role across the range of services provided. Viewpoints from surveyors, housing charities, removal companies and lenders were all examined. This cross-section of views and perspectives created a full customer experience model and one in which conveyancing firms could see their place and importance. Going forward, digitisation will prove to be essential in improving the home moving process for the buyer.