Top 3 business ideas for rural areas with little investment!

Almost half of the inhabitants of the planet Earth live in the countryside. Once they do not call the village – the village, the hacienda, village, and ranch. Live in the village sedate and measured, it cannot be compared with the city’s bustle, and in most of the rural population engaged in agriculture. Let’s see what the interesting business ideas are for rural areas with little investment, in addition, to the usual for every villager.

Cultivation of crayfish – A promising and low-cost business idea for rural No. 1!

Who has not tried the meat of crayfish? It’s delicate and unique taste wants to feel again. However, this gastronomic pleasure is not cheap and though the meat of crayfish very popular delicacy. Now most of the supply of meat in our country are engaged in China, Turkey, and Spain. This type of business is not very expensive, but the return does not come immediately. About a year need to crayfish grew. But given the relatively high selling price, a little competition in this industry and small starting investments, this business idea for the countryside is very interesting and has attracted many entrepreneurs.

How to start breeding the crayfish?

The first thing you need to decide – what breed these delicious arthropods? Several options an aquarium, an artificial pond or natural pond.

Cultivation of crayfish

Aquarium – it is the most expensive way, but it certainly has its advantages. In a small aquarium with 250 liters of raki feel comfortable enough, they grow quickly, and feed, in turn, spent much less. Water temperature can be controlled even in the winter. Crayfish, in this case, do not have to go into hibernation, and their metabolism is not slowed down. The result – faster growth in the three months, rather than their usual growth in the natural environment. As for the aquarium, it is a little similar to the familiar aquarium fish for us. Feature – a wide bottom. The walls should be no more than one meter in height, made of glass or strong plastic.

Next option – is an artificial pond. For the villagers, who have their own land, this version will be growing as the ideal for the minimum cost of money and performance. All that is needed – is to dig a hole up to 80 square meters and a depth of 2-3 meters, cover the bottom with gravel and sand, driftwood lay and cover with water. Change the water must be once in two months. You also need to take care of the reservoir insulation in winter. In severe frosts under a crust of ice, livestock can simply suffocate. In the summer, on the contrary – you need to make sure that the water is not overheated: crayfish do not like the heat.

The last of the options – a crayfish breeding in the wild, if in your area there is a pond, you can use this gift of nature for their own business. Of course, this method is the cheapest. The aquarium does not need to buy, dig a pit and equip – too. However, their disadvantages exist in such breeding. Crayfish do not like dirty water and live where the bottom is covered with silt. We need to find a pond with clear water and a sandy bottom. The second biggest problem may be the protection of livestock. You can not round the clock to monitor your farm, and therefore, there is a risk of theft. Many people will want to enjoy not only your pets but also to earn extra money on them. So you will need to take care of protection, another negative point – the inability to control population growth. Part of crabs die, some fry will eat adults. And, of course, the animals grow up in such an environment will be much slower than in the artificial.

Choose a pet to grow!

Once you have decided on the means of production, it is worth thinking about the population directly. There are several types of crayfish, which can be grown in different conditions. For example, Australian crayfish is very picky in care, but to all kinds of he most meaty. It is better to keep in an aquarium. Feed can be green, forage, snails, food for fish, vegetables, and worms.

The Kuban and marble crayfish – it is unpretentious in food sub-species of arthropods but very whimsical to temperature conditions. If you want to breed them in an artificial pond, you need to make sure that the water temperature does not exceed + 26˚S.

Purchase livestock can be in a fish farm, where they are engaged in cultivation. There you can find information about breeding, some aspects of care. Keep in mind that is better to start in mid-spring when the days become warm enough.

What confuses entrepreneurs in this business?

Certainly, among the business ideas for rural crayfish breeding a very promising direction, however, not everyone has the desire and patience to wait for one – two years until the population grows. This is perhaps the biggest flaw.

Regarding taxation, in which case it will be enough to register as a sole proprietor and choose the simplified system of taxation.

Of course, if you are a beginner in this case, better to start with the least cost options (artificial pond or natural pond) and small volumes. If you build a pond 60 meters, then it can grow up to 10 thousand. You will need about 500 females and 250 males. Not difficult to calculate the potential profit in a year, when you consider the retail price per kilo adult crayfish.

If you properly care for livestock, the problems with the reproduction will not occur. During the construction of the pond on the site, pay the rent will not have to (and sometimes significant cost item). With food as overlays not arise. Feed in the village is easy enough to find. In summer, you can stock up on fresh herbs and vegetables from their own garden. Can they just chop and freeze in the freezer? Fish food is now also freely available on the market. Thus, the minimum investment – and maximum benefit in the term. Within a few years you will be able to equip and expand your farm, and, of course, a good profit.

Strawberry Cultivation – an interesting business idea for rural No. 2!

This idea also does not require large investments of the entrepreneurs, and the return, compared to the previous idea of growing crayfish, is achieved in the first year of operation. Strawberries like almost everything. How do you want to eat these fragrant berries in the winter! But to find it, even in large supermarkets, it is not so simple and the space price. It is mainly in the off-season this berry is brought to our stores from abroad. What you need for self-cultivation of strawberries?

Choosing the best option of growing!

If we want to build a permanent business in the cultivation of strawberries, then you need to cut off the seasonal factor. Therefore, the cultivation in open beds immediately dismisses. What more suitable? You can use boxes or pots with a special primer, which are placed in a heated and illuminated the room. That location could be a garage, shed or basement. However, there is one big disadvantage – high costs for electricity and heating. Also taste quality berries grown under these conditions will give way to the greenhouse. Therefore, we consider it is the cultivation of strawberries in a greenhouse.

It should be understood that the heat the greenhouse in winter still have. However, to save here can be used on the wood stove.

Start cultivation is possible in conventional greenhouses. On the Internet a huge number of different video – clips on how to make your own hands. However, with the development of your business, you should consider a reliable and high-quality version – a glass or polycarbonate greenhouse. But for a start will be enough greenhouse area of 10 square meters. It can accommodate about a thousand seedlings.

What are additional nuances you need to know?

There are many varieties of strawberries. They differ not only in its taste but also ripening. In greenhouse cultivation is the last factor to consider in order avoiding downtime. If all the strawberries ripen at one time, then you have to wait for the next harvest. In order for this process has been almost continuous, it is necessary to take care of the presence of several varieties with different ripening.

With 10 square meters, you can get up to 350 kg of strawberries. In the initial stages can cope with their own hands. However, with an increase in production will need to take care of the extra manpower.

The harvest can be harvested every three months. Accordingly, the first profit is worth waiting for after quarter after landing. To make optimal use of the limited space, it is necessary to make the shelves in several rows.

Soil can take normal, saturating it with various mineral supplements – nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium. You can also buy a special soil for strawberries in specialized stores. However, it will cost much more expensive.

One of the most important steps to get a good harvest – artificial pollination, after all, the exposed surface of the racemes strawberries pollinating insects and in an enclosed space greenhouse is no such possibility. Ways of a few: you can make pollination own hand with a brush to paint. However, when a large number of seedlings is quite a tedious task. You can use the fan and extension. By connecting the device to electricity, you need to blow the air flow all ranks. And if you are engaged in beekeeping, then pollinate strawberries do not be difficult. It is enough to let the greenhouse bee colony, and pollination will take place quickly and efficiently.

But grow strawberries – this is only a partial solution to the problem. You also need to deliver it to the end user and get their money. It is important to remember that on the marketing need to take care in advance because the berries spoil over time. To store to choose a special cool place or the refrigerator compartment. Willingly take all winter vegetables and fruits for the implementation of supermarkets. To deliver the berry in a suitable form, it is impossible to shift from container to container a few times, otherwise, it will quickly lose its presentation. In summer, you can sell the products to the markets, in sanatoriums, camps, etc.

Pros and cons of this business idea!

There are advantages and disadvantages to each business. As for these business ideas for rural areas, the following positive elements can be identified:

  1. Quick return on investment. Within three months, you can return the initial investment in the business. For rural areas, they are small, given the lack of land lease, minimum power consumption and materials for the greenhouse equipment;
  2. Lack of seasonality factor. In greenhouse cultivation does not play a role any season or weather conditions.
  3. High yield in the autumn-winter period. Strawberry price at that time is four times the price of a season. In addition, there is a high demand for products. It is always possible to implement berries in supermarkets if establish business relations.

Among the negative aspects can be identified:

  1. Taste berries greenhouse inferior taste of strawberries grown in the garden in the warm sunshine. Therefore, in the season people would prefer to buy berries from the garden;
  2. Strawberries in a greenhouse are necessary to pollinate, and this requires additional time and effort;

Among the ideas for businesses in rural areas under No. 3 – The cultivation of Artemisia!

This idea is most suitable for farmers having their lands. One hectare – is showing the size of which will have to give good economic benefits. Wormwood is unpretentious in cultivation. For it does not need special care and treatment. However, it is understood that the existing 250 species of plants for pharmaceutical companies is right wormwood. In Latin, its name sounds like Artemisia absinthian. In addition to medical applications, it is used in the production of an alcoholic beverage – absinthe.

The valuable wormwood and how to turn it into a growing business?

We all know the smell of wormwood – specific, with a hint of bitterness. This herb contains a large number of essential oils, tannins and vitamins. It can grow up to one meter in length. Prized sagebrush is in the flowering period. In medicine, it is used as the stem and leaves.

Perhaps the most important point in this idea this certification. Only certified raw materials can be used for medical purposes. There are important as the cultivation conditions and the properties of the final product. It is not difficult to guess that the plot of land with grass to be environmentally friendly – to be away from the slopes with heavy traffic, not to mention the dumps or places with high levels of radiation. Obtaining the certificate is preceded by verification of compliance with environmental standards. However, if all requirements are met, problems with obtaining the certificate will not occur, and the time it would require quite a bit.

Concerning costs, in this case, it is necessary to invest in the purchase of seeds, as well as rental equipment and personnel (if not his). You also need to dry grass for its further implementation, to take care of storage and transport to the buyer. In the end, after deducting all costs the entrepreneur can get from a hectare is about 4-5 thousand dollars of net profit.

If you have a certificate of quality your products with pleasure will buy not only domestic pharmaceutical companies but also overseas. Find buyers yourself, you can with the help of the Internet. In addition to end-users, there are a large number of firms – middlemen who take their own raw materials for resale. In this case, you need not take care of storage and transport.

Today, we looked at three business ideas for rural areas. The advantage of them for the people of the province that in the initial stages of the bulk of the cost is reduced to only the acquisition of raw materials and only a small portion – for the organization and improvement of the production process. Perhaps some of these ideas interest you today! We want you to achieve greater success in business! Grow with us!