Following the rules for wearing white

Every fashionista is well aware that there are certain rules when it comes to wearing white. These are rules that originated in the southern parts of the USA, where white is a common colour to wear because of the heat.

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There are so many different options for wearing white, from a white maxi dress to a white jumpsuit through to white Farah Shirts for men like the ones you can see at But basic rules still apply no matter what item of clothing you wear if it’s white. If you love the traditional rules of wearing white but still want to focus on the style aspect of your look, read on to find out the five rules for wearing white.

Never Wear White to a Wedding

A white is a huge no-no for a wedding. This is a hard and fast rule that a lot of people agree on. No other woman should be wearing white to a wedding apart from the bride. You can still wear an outfit that has bits of white in it, but wearing a look that is completely white from head to toe is generally a rule that shouldn’t be broken.

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Warmer Temperatures Call for White

Warmer weather means more white. Summer dresses are the perfect choice for warm weather, and in hot climates no one will bat an eye if you are wearing a completely white ensemble.

Stick to Off-White When the Weather Is Cooler

If you’re a huge fan of white but don’t want to wear it in winter, go for a colour that is off-white. Creams and beiges are the perfect choices for winter whites and make for wonderful suit options.

White Clothes Shouldn’t Be Seen in the City

Wearing white clothes whilst using public transport around a busy city should be avoided at all costs. This will end in disaster. With dirty seats and muddy puddles everywhere, a white outfit won’t make it to the end of the day completely clean. This is a big reason city men and  women wear a lot of black.

Pair It with the Right Shoes

Wearing heavier and dark-coloured shoes with a white outfit looks odd. Instead opt for natural tones or even white shoes to go with the look.