Going to School during the second World War

Unlike the classrooms of today, school children during the Second World War had their lessons held in a variety of different locations.  From the local Public House to Church Crypts and Chapels indoor lessons were held there and when the British weather was warm enough then outside in the fresh air was the best place to be.  In school apart from having to live with food rationing the children had to take part in regular gas drills and practice wearing their gas masks. The British Government thought the smaller children would be scared of the intimidating black masks so they designed a special, brightly coloured Mickey Mouse, blue mask for them.  Many children’s lives changed dramatically as the fighting took hold, anxiety and fear were common amongst the younger generation.  Nearly two million children were evacuated away from their town, homes and schools and relocated into the countryside.  Each child was given labels to attach to themselves and then taken to the nearest railway station and put on a train to the countryside.

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When the children were able to receive some form of teaching and education, they sat together in cramped conditions using whatever desks and writing materials the teacher could come up with.  Unlike the children of today who can sit comfortably at their school desks provided by companies such as https://www.severnfurnishing.co.uk/  Any other essential Office Furniture Gloucester supplies were sourced from anywhere they could be found.