How to style jeans with ankle boots

Ankle boots and jeans are reliable components of most men’s wardrobes, yet combining the two is not always as straightforward as might first appear. There are important factors to consider, such as length and cut, so let’s take a look at a few tips for styling them successfully depending on how you want the finished ensemble to appear.

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Get the length right

Pairing skinny or slim-cut jeans with ankle boots is a popular choice, but sometimes there is the temptation to tuck the bottom of the jeans into the top of the boot. This should be avoided, as it doesn’t create a nice line; what’s more, the jeans can become untucked when sitting or crossing your legs, which just looks untidy. The best approach is to allow the hem of the jeans to gracefully sit on the top of an ankle boot.

If your jeans are too long and gathering in big, ruched bunches around your ankles, you can trim your jeans and hem them; alternatively, you can create cuffs. With chunkier boots, a thicker cuff will look good. It will be worth trying different widths in the mirror with different styles of ankle boots.

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Different cuts

Cuffs won’t work with bootcut or flared jeans, so it is important for the length to be right. Flared or bootcut jeans should always rest on the top of the boot, with the hem covering the ankle area.

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For serious walking, a sturdier option than a dressy ankle boot will be required. Your budget and the fit, material, waterproofing and sole are amongst the factors you will need to consider.

Ankle boots and jeans are a versatile combination that can look great in a variety of situations. The important thing is to choose jeans that fit well and are the right length, especially when the jeans are flared or wider at the bottom.