Why Family Mediation is Beneficial Before Starting Divorce Proceedings

Going through a divorce is a difficult and upsetting time for most people. When children are involved, this can make it even more difficult, and it can be hard and upsetting for the whole family at a time like this.

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It can be hard to know where to start with divorce proceedings and during a time like this there will also be all sorts of emotions flying around too. Ultimately, both people need to be able to reach an agreement so that they can carry on with their lives. For this reason, many people find that it can be helpful before starting divorce proceedings to arrange family mediation.

This can be arranged with someone like this Family Law Solicitors Gloucester Dee and Griffin, or a solicitor elsewhere who specialises in family legal matters such as divorce.

Mediation creates a calmer and more controlled environment where both parties can have their views and opinions heard and help them to reach an agreement going forward that is suitable for both them and any children that they share.

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Because a divorce is usually accompanied by a lot of strong feelings, this can make it difficult to have these sorts of conversations, so mediation provides a space where this can then be a lot easier and sensitive subjects can also be discussed to enable both parties to move forward with their lives. Resolving a lot of these issues before going for a divorce can also mean that the divorce is less messy, cheaper and quicker.