How to use fewer tablets, and the substitute drugs

Can younot do without the good old aspirin? Do you know what the consequences resulting the long-term use of drugs?

Fleeing from terrible migraines, debilitating toothache or acute colic, we reach … right – for a tablet, those no-silos, the anilinium then titration. Each of us has a set of ampoules and pills, but not for nothing that the doctors themselves like “black” proverb that one cure, and another cripple. Long-term use of drugs can lead to more serious trouble than a headache.


It falls on the liver and kidneys, providing cleansing our bodies from the rubble of toxins and other “rubbish”. And do not forget that medicine – not the only thing we do is loaded. Add to doses of painkillers, hormones and an anti-cold batch of strong, smoked and overcooked. Irrational food and drinks – another minus of our everyday life, depriving the body can be cleaned by chemical precipitation. Any substance that is not close to the structure of our cells and tissues is toxic to us. A further – sadly disturbed metabolism, slips of the brain and nervous system.

How to use fewer tablets, and the substitute drugs

The process has started

You become irritable or vice versa – sluggish as the sloth in the dry season. It informed manifestation of intoxication. After all, the nerve cells are most sensitive to the chemical composition of our internal environment. It was at that moment when violated any social ties, people may notice that comes with it for a long time – the side effects of those same drugs, without which already do not. To process has not gone too far, take care of itself. First and foremost should reduce the load on the kidneys. To do this:

  • Go on a sparing Food should consist of light products (vegetables, fruits, cereals, lean meats and fish). All this is only boiled or stewed;
  • Drink liquids in sufficient quantity enriched with vitamins (fruit compotes, teas, juices and water is of excellent quality);
  • 00 later have not to release overnight liver and kidney unloaded.

The second challenge – to support the liver:

  • Eliminate from the diet of alcohol, strong tea, and coffee. To initially healthy body that sometimes is enough to almost neutralize the destructive effects of drugs components;
  • Parallel to the doctor can make an appointment hepatic (substances that protect and strengthen the liver cells). As a rule, they are made from natural raw materials of vegetable origin. This thistle in various forms, products based on artichoke (hofitol), choleretic fees, everlasting, or all of the above in various combinations.

But if you come to study the issue carefully, the sad consequences of hormone therapy and, say, a long etching of the bacteria themselves with antibiotics differ significantly. Below we have tried to organize the data and propose to postpone the next tablet, replacing it with alternative methods of action.


Assigned to eliminate the inflammatory process, which is caused by pathogenic microorganisms…

Common side effects

  1. As a rule, for the company with the pathogenic microflora is destroyed and necessary.
  2. Penicillin, amoxicillin, ampicillin, erythromycin can disrupt the absorption of carbohydrates, fatty acids.
  3. Sulfa drugs (Biseptol, streptocid, sulfadimetoksin, ftalazol) affect the synthesis of vitamins of group B.
  4. Prolonged use of tetracycline can also cause darkening of the tooth enamel.

How to neutralize

  • Take together with probiotics, which restore normal microflora (laktovit forte, Linex).
  • Wash down a significant amount of water (at least 200 ml). After receiving amoxicillin, lincomycin and tetracycline should not drink juice.
  • Do not drink with sulfonamides dairy products, and eliminate carbohydrate-rich foods.


Alas, since Alexander Fleming (the discoverer of penicillin) could not find a more effective means than the antibiotics that can in the short term to deliver us from pathogens.

Warning: Tea and coffee alter the pharmacological activity of many drugs. Therefore, consult your doctor, if you love to drive teas or cannot live a day without coffee.


Prescribed to eliminate pain, relieve spasms. Such drugs (narcotic – aspirin, paracetamol, tsitramon) prescribed by doctors in cases where it is not known the origin of the pain. But as a rule, we are “ourselves with a mustache” – choose the pain of their own taste, without delving into the essence of particularly unpleasant sensations. Analgesics do not eliminate the cause of the pain, they only blunt the response to it.

Common side effects

  1. It irritates the stomach, worsening of the intestinal absorption process.
  2. “Continuous intake of analgesics may lead to impaired renal function and scarring,” – says Dr. William Henrich School of Medicine at the University of Maryland. In 7% of patients participating in the experiment were found problems in the kidneys. Surveyed long took either aspirin or paracetamol.
  3. When combined with alcohol (if you use aspirin and paracetamol as hangover elixirs) increases the degree of liver damage.

How to neutralize

  • Such drugs like Panadol, koldreks, paracetamol and analgin, need to be taken after meals. When dinner was long ago, and to stop the pain is necessary, zapey analgesic starch solution.
  • Aspirin thins the blood, lower iron content. Therefore, it is not desirable to use with fish (increases the risk of bleeding).
  • If you drink a daily aspirin or paracetamol, convince the doctor to give you a referral for an ultrasound of the internal organs. Once a year, give blood and urine for analysis of creatinine – so you can track the state of the kidneys.


After working at the computer hurt your hands? If you are right handed, transfer the mouse to the left side of the keyboard – Left-hand control relieve muscle stress. When this council took advantage of 27 right-handed-Canadians, scientists have learned that in this way are less tense wrist, shoulder, and arm.

Often reminiscent of your knees! Reduces weight during the 18-month study, participants who report such pain, lost by 3 to 6% of body weight and noted a significant improvement in health, it is assumed that the decrease in the body of the hormone leptin (produced by adipose tissues) facilitates joint pain.

Walk in the fresh air! According to Boston University, vitamin D reduces pain. To get his daily dose, simply substitute the face of the sun and hands for 15 minutes a day. No sun? Take daily 200 IU (5 mcg) of vitamin D.

Try to visualize this view of images, which tells the therapist or his voice on the tape / disk during a session. Something akin to auto-training after listening to a 12-week course of twice a week, 10 to 15-minute recording, aimed at relaxing muscles, women noted that they can remove the pain without medication.

In the experiment, they have involved representatives of the older age groups, but a young lady with similar problems, too, is to experience this technique.


Assigned to eliminate heat, pain, especially in joints, to reduce inflammation, classic drugs of this group – ibuprofen, diclofenac, indomethacin , ketanov.

Common side effects

As with other analgesics, irritate the stomach.

How to neutralize

  • Taken only after meals.


  • Drinks fish oil capsules or accept, if not stand its specific taste. A daily dietary supplement of 3 g of fish oil reduces swelling and stiffness in the joints in rheumatoid arthritis, also reduces inflammation – the main symptom of the disease.
  • Try therapy acupuncture, 570 patients with knee arthritis were asked to express their feelings before and after acupuncture, acupuncture false (when the needle is introduced not where necessary) and lectures on the treatment of arthritis. During the experiment, all continued to receive previously prescribed medication. Those who do acupuncture indicated a significant weakening of the pain and stiffness of the joints, improving them was twice more tangible than others.

Hormonal contraceptives

Prescribed for the prevention of unwanted pregnancies or for cosmetic purposes; oral medications to improve the condition of the problematic skin.

Common side effects

  1. Long-term use of contraceptives can cause rapid development of existing diseases in women.
  2. The weakening of the immune system, insomnia.

How to neutralize

  • Hormonal contraceptives should continuously take only 9 months (adapted to the terms of pregnancy rate), and then – a pause of 2-3 months.
  • Parallel consumed each day to 2 mg B6, 75 mg of C, 400 mg magnesium, 8 mg zinc and 400 mcg of folic acid. In order not to burden the kidneys more chemistry, better to just pamper yourself with bananas, muesli with dried fruit, a salad of leafy vegetables.


In order to prevent unwanted pregnancy, use condoms or other contraceptives other than oral.


Prescribed to eliminate edema, low blood pressure (furasemid, Uregei)

Common side effects

Dehydration and excretion of significant amounts of minerals (magnesium, potassium, sodium).As a result may experience convulsions, muscle weakness, heart rhythm disturbances and weakened immunity in general.

How to neutralize

  • Combine the prescribed receiving diuretic drugs with trace elements complexes. Or eat raisins, dried apricots, and bananas.
  • More drink, and a minimum of salt in the dishes!


For the desired effect, you can use herbal infusions (birch buds, lingonberry leaves, juniper berries) or coffee. They do not cause such a sharp loss of fluid, but nevertheless well derive its excess from the body. However, dried fruit and bananas, in addition, are not canceled.


Prescribed to relieve allergic reactions (dermatitis, rhinitis, and swelling)

Common side effects

Drowsiness but a new generation of drugs such as loratadine (Claritin), already deprived of this drawback.


Try homeopathic treatment.

Vitamin bomb did not work because of analgesics

Many office workers are on the table jar with vitamin pills, and they dutifully eat every day of the rules. But few people know that aspirin or analgin, which too often accompanies normal working day workaholic, impairs the digestibility of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Do not forget that in addition to synthetic drugs, there are the usual fresh vegetables, the same pepper.