Making Sure Elderly People are Well Through the Winter

As we start to see the first signs of the autumn coming, we know that the colder months are not far away! Although not many of us enjoy them, for elderly people they can also be deadly. Many elderly people die over the winter and often this is something that can be avoided. If you have an elderly relative or know an elderly person who lives alone, it is a good idea to keep an extra close eye on them over the winter – here are some of the things that you should think about…

Slips and Trips – This time of the year is much more dangerous to people who are unsteady on their feet already. The wet leaves on the ground in autumn and the icy winter conditions both make walking outdoors perilous. Things like these Mobility Aids from Ability Superstore are a great thing to have to make walking safer and easier.

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Hypothermia –  The cold is one of the biggest killers of older people. Make sure that the house is kept at a warm enough temperature – it should be around twenty degrees ideally – and ensure that they have plenty of hot drinks and warm and hearty meals like stews over these colder months.

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Loneliness – At this time of the year, as many of us are busy with shopping, Christmas parties and kids, it can be lonely for an older person who lives on their own. Try to make sure that you or a family member visit regularly and spend time with them.