Home and Rural Appliance

Home appliance has become inevitable in our modern life.  They help us make our daily activities simple and enjoyable. Whether it is cooking or cloth washing or enjoying favorite movie, home appliance has become a part of our life.

People from all sections rich or poor, urbanite or rural folks, everyone uses at least few of the appliances at their homes.

A large number of people are living in rural areas even in developed countries. Their life is entirely different from their city counterparts.  Unlike people living in urban areas, rural people have limited resources in everything like road facilities and electricity. Their earning capacity and purchasing power is very limited compared to city people. They are logged far behind from the city life in all respects. Most of the villages in underdeveloped countries even do not have electricity.

Home and Rural Appliance

Most of the modern home appliances run on electricity.  Appliance manufacturers use the term Home and Rural Appliance to mean that the appliance they are manufacturing are capable of working effectively in all conditions including cities where adequate electricity is available and as well as in the rural areas where there is often power fluctuations.

There are many home appliances, to make our life comfortable and simple. Cooking ranges are the primary appliances in any modern kitchen. They help us to cook our food quickly, save time and energy. Refrigerators enable us to keep our food and beverages in stable condition for long time. Washers and dryers help to wear our clothes clean and hygienic. Dishwashers help to clean our dishes and utensils quickly and neatly.

In rural areas people do not prefer hi-tech home appliances. Simplicity is the way of our life. In many underdeveloped countries people do most of their activities manually. They wash their cloths by beating them on stones and rinsing by hands in the stream waters. They dry their cloths in the open space under sun. These people are unaware of the existence of washing machines and dryers.

In many rural areas people still use cooking-chambers for cooking their food using wood or kerosene as fuel. They cook their meals everyday, as they do not have refrigerators to preserve the cooked food for several days, Now, times have changed, rural people have begun using home and rural appliances. Manufactures are also concentrating on rural areas to sell their products, as there is a huge market for them. They manufacture home appliances that can adopt the conditions at rural areas. There are manyhome and rural appliances that work under severe fluctuations, which is imminent at rural areas. Some of them even work on batteries and gases which are very useful in places where there is no electricity.

There is a huge difference in making appliances for city folks and rural masses. City life is very fast, every individual lacks time, people run for everything from morning to night. They need very sophisticated home appliances in order to save their time and energy. In rural areas, people don’t have to be as fast as city dwellers. They have plenty of time to do their daily activities. Hence, a home appliance that has basic features is sufficient for them. Unlike city people they can’t afford to pay heavy prices for hi-tech home appliances. Home appliance manufactures realize these trends and design their products taking these aspects into consideration.