How to Clean Your Marble Floor Tiles

Marble Tiles, like the ones from Irwin Tiles  are beautiful and they can be maintained easily. If you are not keeping it maintained then you will see the need for professional cleaning of your marble floor over time.

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You should clean your floor once a week to remove the grime from the tile and to keep it shining. You will know that your tile is dirty if it has a lot of stains and smears on it. This is a natural process and will happen to all marble floor tiles but it is necessary that you take action immediately.

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There are some simple tips that can help you clean your time more efficiently and effectively. The first tip is to avoid using chemicals to clean your marble floor as this may have a bad effect on the color of the tile. A dry mop and some mild soap or detergent can remove the dirt and grime from a tile very effectively. You need to ensure that the cleaning product is very strong and can withstand the power of your broom.

Another useful tip on how to clean your marble floor is to avoid using abrasive materials to clean the tile as this may damage the tiles. A soft cloth or paper towel will do the trick and you can also use vinegar and ammonia solution to clean your tile. If you follow these tips, you will find that cleaning your marble regularly is not a difficult task.