How to prepare for having your carpet cleaned

It’s time to get excited as soon you’ll be the proud owner of a fresh, beautifully scented and revitalised carpet in no time. Before the big event though, here are some steps to prepare for the big clean:

  1. A spot of vacuuming

Giving the carpet a good once over with the vacuum is a good idea to get rid of as much debris and dirt as possible. This is because carpet cleaning concentrates on dirt that is trapped deeper. Some firms will do this for you, so ask if you need to do it first.

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  1. Skirting boards

An often-overlooked job but dusting down the skirting boards will help prevent any unnecessary dust from falling onto the carpet once it has been cleaned. For a Carpet Cleaner Hereford, visit Octokleen

  1. Move anything fragile

If you have a priceless Ming vase or even just something you treasure that could easily break, it is wise to move it to another safe place until the cleaning is finished. This could include items like fine china, porcelain ornaments or glass items.

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  1. Remove obstacles

Things like waste bins, toys, shoes and any other small items should be placed in a different room so as not to get in the way of the cleaning. Long hanging curtains could be pinned up, so they too don’t get in the way. Larger items like furniture might also need to be moved, such as floor lamps and footstools, for example.

  1. Be courteous and ensure they have a place to park

Just a small consideration but as the company may run hoses from a van, they will benefit from parking as close to the house as possible.