Odd smells in your home? Here is where they might be coming from

If you notice there is a strange smell in or around your home, you may have bigger problems than just an unpleasant odour. It is best to have a professional to investigate the situation as soon as possible, because the problem might be worse than you think.

Here are some of the most common unpleasant smells:

  1. Dead Animals

If you smell something like manure, pet dander or a dirty litter box type smell, and you don’t have pets, it could be a dead animal somewhere. However, if the smell if sickly, you may well have insect nests or dead animals somewhere in the pipe or duct system.

Trust your instincts with this one: if you smell a dead animal, there probably is one. Sometimes, people think they can smell sewage, but regardless, it will be a strong and obvious odour. A plumbing professional should look at the pipes and arrange for it to be taken care of as soon as possible!

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  1. Fishy Smells

Unless it is a fish, this strange smell could be coming from burning electrical components. When some electrical cables and plastic get too hot, they can emit a fishy or urine-type type odour. If you notice this type of odour, look around your house and look for outlets and other electrical equipment that are visibly burning or melting. Also, make sure that plastic and other things that can burn are kept away from heat sources, including light.

  1. Sewage or Rotten Eggs

If either of these horrible smells are present in your home, this may be caused by a dried-out P-trap. P-traps that trap water, create an air block for every sewer gas that may rise. However, if you do not use your channel for a while, the water in your P-trap can evaporate, paving the way for poisonous sewer gas to infiltrate your home. Water should run on all your channels at least once a month to prevent this from happening! For any plumbing problems and bad smells from Kent Blocked Drains, you’ll need help to Unblock drains in Kent through 3flowdrainage.

  1. Mouldy and Musty

Should you notice an unpleasant musty or mould odour, chances are this problem exists somewhere in your home. Walk around the property and keep an eye out for any water leaks, damp objects, and humidity to locate the root of the issue. Mould varies in severity from merely cosmetic for hazardously toxic.

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For small areas of mould, you can clean this yourself. However, if the problem is bigger than you can handle, call in the experts.

You may need recaulk plumbing fixtures to prevent water from entering the area between the fixture and the wall, which can cause water damage and mould to grow. Improved ventilation might also be necessary in areas of high humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens.