Researching an Area Before you Move

Moving house is a huge decision and there is so much to sort out as well – from finding the solicitor to do the legal side as well as finding the right person to do your survey like this building survey Chelmsford based company there is a lot to get on with.

But one of the most important things when you are moving is something that is often said many times and you have probably already heard – location, location location. Many home buying experts advise that buying a smaller house in a better area is better than buying a bigger house in a less desirable area. So how do you do your research into the right place for you?

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First of all, have a look at what is around the area – what matters to you? Depending on your lifestyle and your stage of life you are going to be prioritising different things, so it is important that you make a priority list and look for it – for example do you commute and need to be on good transport links? Or do you want your children to be in a certain school? These are the sort of things that you can start looking at.

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It is also a good idea to explore the area at different times of the day – have a stroll around the neighbourhood and talk to people as it is a great way to really be able to get a feel for the area and what it is like to live there.