The annoyance of garden pests

Anyone with a garden will tell you there is nothing worse than finding that your prize growers have been attacked by pests. Slugs, snails, ants and aphids have decided to feast upon whatever it is you want to grow whilst seemingly avoiding all the weeds. What are the worst offenders and what can be done about them? At least you know that the lawn can be kept in check, especially if you give a visit when you need some Briggs and Stratton Parts.

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Snails and slugs are the worst. Even more so as they don’t seem to have any predators (they do). They just seem to engage in a slew of wanton destruction. The best way to beat them is to put out a large 500g yoghurt pot with beer in it. They cannot resist it. Don’t bother trying to grow Clematis and Hostas.

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Vine weevils.  Tiny little aphids that just suck the life out of the plant near the flower. Spraying the plant with soapy water will help for a bit. Otherwise just rub your fingers down the stem. Wear a glove as it can get messy.

There are plenty of others, Pigeons after seeds, Foxes causing general mess. It’s enough to make you weep.