How Is A Park Home Different From A House?

The question of how a park home is different from a house has assumed great importance since many new homebuyers are realising the potential benefits of owning a park home. Not only are they more attractive to buyers, they also provide a lot of resale value. For a buyer purchasing a park home, it is much easier to resell than an established residential building in many ways. Even in the current real estate market, park homes command very reasonable prices, which make them a great buy for almost any individual. This article will explore some of the basic differences between a park home and an established home.

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The most significant difference is in the construction. A park home is often manufactured in a factory and then delivered to a site whereas a traditional property is built on site with bricks and mortar. Of course, this provides a greater deal of flexibility in terms of location for a park home.

Another difference is that due to their nature, park homes do tend to be smaller than a standard bricks and mortar property. This is a benefit to many older people who are seeking to downsize from a family home. For more information on Park Homes Gloucestershire, Go to park home life

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The process of paying for utilities also differs when living in a park home. Most park homes will be on a managed site and utilities are provided through the owners of the park.