5 Great Reasons to Carry a Condom

They say it pays to be prepared, and in the case of carrying a condom the saying holds true.

The start-up with a difference, Lovability Condoms, launched a unique product in the birth control market: feminist condoms lovingly called “The F*ckboy Repellent”, designed to repel the misogynistic, insensitive, sexist males. Claire Courtney, Lovability’s co-founder, notes how the condoms are a tool for gender and sexual equality. Here are five great reasons to carry one.

1. It’s a Symbol of Sexual Positivity

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Carrying condoms is a way of acknowledging and showing your sexuality. It’s a statement, albeit one that can remain unspoken and contained within the sexual experience, that you are a sexual being, that you have drives and choices for your own sexual desires.

  1. It’s a Way of Taking Care of Your Body

    Sexually transmitted infections are sometimes treatable and sometimes incurable. Either way, you don’t want an STI because the man doesn’t have a condom and neither do you. Being prepared is a way of treating your body with respect and protecting your health. Heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual, condoms are important and the likes of https://www.pitstopplus.org/ offer free condoms in Greenwich.3. It Gives You Back the Power

    Taking condoms to a sexual situation asserts power because you’re taking responsibility. Carrying a condom puts that power back in your hands, giving you the control over your body, your health and your decisions.

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  1. It Signals Sexuality

    When you appreciate, acknowledge and take control of your sexual experiences by carrying a condom, you’re accepting and expressing your decisions and sexuality. You are embracing your sexual side.5. It’s a Sign of Independence

    Worrying findings from the Kirby Institute’s research show that STIs are on the rise, and furthermore that embarrassment is one of the biggest reasons for women not purchasing and carrying condoms.

    Rather than embarrassment, taking care of sexual health should be an empowering experience. Condoms and abortion are two things developed countries are fortunate to have access to; they are a sign of human rights, of the choice of women to have a say in their health and over their own bodies. Carrying condoms asserts your independence and autonomy, showing your ability to make your own choices when it comes to your sexual encounters and your body.