Top 5 Unexpected Female Bikers

We’ve seen lots of blog posts on famous male motorcyclists so I’ve decided to come up with my top 5 unexpected bikers.

Not much of a surprise this one but at the top of the heap is Angelina Jolie!

Angelina Jolie

Ange is somewhat of a wild child, with her public disputes with her father and her numerous tattoos, not forgetting that vile vial of Billy Bob’s Blood she hung around her neck for a few years. Angelina does look cool on a motorbike. Although she needs to invest in a helmet and teach her growing brood of kids the meaning of safety.

Charlize Theron
According to Here Charlize Owns a Harley Davidson but I cannot find a single picture of Charlize and her bike. So for the benefit of this post, here’s a Harley and Not Charlize icon Top 5 Unexpected Female Bikers.
Not Charlize Top 5 Unexpected Female Bikers

Courtney Cox

This really was a surprise to me Courtney, AKA Monica, AKA that clean freak from Friends. Seriously it is so hard to differentiate Courtney and Monica. Because of this I find it so unbelievable that Monica, sorry Courtney would go near a filthy road hog. But sure as the sun rises there she is atop a motorbike. She can’t get enough of it apparently. Anyone remember when she was just “that girl from Bruce Springsteen’s video”, well she did a whole photo-shoot on a motorbike at that time.

Queen Latifa
full queen latifah artist photo15 Top 5 Unexpected Female Bikers

Good old Queen Latifah on top of her bike. She is not really a surprise in-fact I’d be more surprised if she wasn’t a motorbike enthusiast.

Victoria Beckham
My my, Victoria Beckham on a motorbike? Apparently it’s true. I can understand the love of leather. I mean, there was a time she was practically a heifer the amount of leather she wore. According to this site she has had lessons. But since as there’s no pics of Vic on a bike here’s her hubby.