7 Laws You Never Knew Existed

Most laws are designed for your protection or to protect your rights and responsibilities. There are new laws passed in each state every year and only a fraction of them are well known. Over the years these laws add up and sometimes people forget that they even exist and most certainly do not know why they exist. From equine law to the exact measurement a hotel bed must be from the floor, here are seven laws you probably never even knew existed.

New York
In the state of New York, a casual flirtation can land you in some hot water. A law on their records states that if you are found to be flirting…you could be fined $25. That really takes a smile and a toss of the hair to a whole different level!

As a law-abiding citizen you know that you are not allowed to steal, maim, harm or do anything destructive. That rules out bank robberies, shoot-outs and speeding. If you do plan on committing a crime, a law on the Washington books states that you must stop at the city limits, prior to entering the town you will be committing the crime, and you must “telephone the chief of police” to let him/her know of your intentions.

While it is great that in Washington you have to phone in your intentions, the city of Brighton really takes annoying people to a new level. Brighton has a law that makes it illegal to annoy others.

Laws that protect animals are great and help curb animal abuse tremendously. Here is some pretty interesting equine law: In Marshalltown, Iowa you can find yourself in hot water if you allow your horse to eat a fire hydrant. Given that most fire hydrants are metal, it’s a pretty good law.

Speaking of animal laws, in Connecticut you are not allowed, by law, to try catching a rabbit with a ferret. As ferret hunting is really has a small enclave of followers, you probably have not attempted this feat.

Debt collectors beware! In Oklahoma, it is illegal to arrest or attach a dead body for any collection of a debt. Thankfully, debt collectors can now just call you on the telephone or send mail.

Ohio has a very strict law regarding hotel room beds. A quarter of all hotel beds must be at least 6 1/2 inches from the floor. Inspectors may need a precise ruler!