Safety Tips For Having A Fireworks Displays At Home

Holding a personal fireworks display is exciting, especially if you have young children in your house or are celebrating a special occasion. Naturally, one major component to get your head around is the safety aspect of having a home display. We looked at some of the most important factors to consider, and how to action a safe home fireworks demonstration.

Buying and Storage
Ensure that you only buy your fireworks from a licenced, trusted, and respected retailer. It can be tempting to buy them from Tommy who lives up the road, usually due to the cost being less. However, you can’t buy safety, so stick to somewhere that you are happy sells safe, legitimate fireworks that have been safety tested.

Store your fireworks in a dry location where they are not going to be exposed to sparks or, near anything flammable. This means the garden shed or outhouse, never store them in your home itself, just in case. Cover them in a watertight, airtight container – the box they come in should satisfy this – with a flameproof sheet.

Show Time
When the time comes to hold your display, it can be difficult to contain the excitement of everyone in your home. Adhere to these safety tips to ensure everyone has an enjoyable evening.

· Designate a section of your garden to light the fireworks from, and mark it out clearly. Also, mark out a line so people are clear where they can and cannot stand. Ensure only one person is responsible for the lighting of fireworks, and that they take charge of the whole of this process.
· Identify the direction you will aim your fireworks. Ideally, this will be into a field or other open space. Firing them straight up leaves the possibility of hot components falling onto your garden. At the same time, be careful you aren’t lighting fireworks to explode above other peoples’ homes, gardens, or play areas. Consideration of others is key.
· Transport the fireworks and set them up prior to the display, following the product guidelines around safe distances between them.
· For lighting the fireworks, ensure are wearing a flameproof suit, gloves, goggles, and a safety hat. Use portfires or another recommended method of lighting each firework, and step away as soon as it is lit.
· Never return to a lit firework.
· After your display, if any fireworks haven’t exploded, immerse them in water for 48 hours, to ensure they are ‘dead,’ before disposing of them.
Following these guidelines are simple and straightforward, and will allow you to have a safe and hugely enjoyable home fireworks display.