7 Tools Everyone In The SEO Industry Should Be Using

Dealing with Search engine optimization is not an easy task at each and every stages of Seo we need to be confident on what you’re posting? How it’s effecting your site? Where it’s effecting? what precautions we have to take to make our site free from Google penalties why our site got penalized to all these questions we have an answer by just going through this tools to protect or recover your site from Google penalties.

These are some of the tools which are using by SEO industries mostly

1. Google Analytics

This is a wonderful tool which monitors the traffic of your site. Having a good site is not enough but to maintaining in the same way is very important. As you know your site is getting traffic but you don’t know from where this traffic is coming on which factor this traffic depends on. Google analytic tool helps you to analyze this factor it will helps you to analyze where you’re clients are coming from which page of your site they find the most useful for them and how often they are coming to your website about 53.3% of websites are making use of this tool to analyze its site and to get a maximum information about their sites. Why most people make use of this tool as it’s easy to implement but it delivers vital information about that website. To get starting with this tool we just need an Google account or you can create an account immediately you have to search for your site if your site is new than you have to add that site in that tool after adding to our site we will get a step by step procedure which leads us to total information of our website like

What country/language most visitors are from/speak
Percentage of visiting the first time versus return visitors
How long the average visitor stayed on your page
Number of visitors
Site speed
Traffic sources
2. Google Page Speed Insights

As many people don’t know where there site are lagging in search results. Website loading is also an important factor while considering the factor for your page rank. Many business owners don’t know what to do to improve their website loading speed and how to fix it. Google page speed insights is a tool which helps you to fix the problems associated with the speed issues in websites. By clarifying the doubts like what to fix? Why to fix? How to fix it faster and friendlier.

3. Google Webmaster Tools

This is like a toolbox which helps you to improve your website. Its make your website in tip-top position. This tool not only helps you to improve your site but also you can find how your website is found by the customer and depending on that data you can increase traffic for your website by tweak some pages. GWMT is a free tool which gives you lots of information. It doesn’t need an understanding about Google’s algorithm or to have a vast internet background to use it. It’s a user friendly tool. what we need to work with this tool is to have a Google account then after login you have to authenticate you are website owner then by following some guidelines displaying by it we can easily make use of that tool.

4. Google Trends

Google trends help you to update with the latest trends in the market and help you to find the different ways to search keywords to insert in your content, to find WebPages and many more. Some of the predicted Google trends in 2015 are –

The importance of Google authorship is rising
Corporate world are realizing the importance of SEO and its role in increasing the traffic to their website
Content Marketing will going to replace SEO, Which will focus more on technical elements Introduction o semantic search (focus on meaning of the searched keyword)
Semantic markup
Latent Semantic keywords (plural for your keyword fancy term for synonyms
Long tail keywords
Increasing of Mobile search
Growing importance of earned links
5. MOZ SEO Toolbar

This tool is using by almost all SEO industries to check the status of website as these tools shows you complete information regarding your website like

Page ranking
Domain Authority
Information of Backlinks
Creates Custom Search
SERP overlay with detailed metrics
Highlights keywords and links
Analyze page overlay

6. Screaming Frog

This is a Technical and more powerful tool its searches all links, images and scripts and provide you a data in a CSV file format from where you can easily collect data which you want. Screaming Frog SEO spider is a software which we have to install in your PC which crawls website images, links, scripts, CSS and apps in SEO perspective and provide you data in tabs as this tool are using by many Digital Marketing Company in India where you can slice or dice data for different SEO issues as this tool gathers and updates continuously in the program users interface.

This tool find very much useful when going for a large sites where pages are more and it’s very hard to check every page and it’s a labor load also it will miss issues of meta refresh, redirect, or duplicate page issue. SEO spider allows you to Export key onsite elements (URL, META Description, Page Title and many more) to Excel so that it can be used as a SEO recommendation form.

7. Tag Manager

The problem which is facing by most SEO people is waiting in a queue for the development time. This is a more advanced tool and important also once it was installed on your site a decent array of common marketing tags can be updated without further updation of code.

These are the important tool which are using by many Digital Marketing Services to make their website updated with the marketing trends and to make their sites very easy to maintain without much time and load for work.