A Beginner’s Guide to Ten-Pin Bowling

Enjoyed worldwide, ten-pin bowling, or often just ‘bowling’, is a family-friendly sport which can be played both for both leisure and professionally. Whilst the rules of the game are relatively simple, that certainly doesn’t mean the game itself is easy. Read on for some basic tips on ten-pin bowling and how to master it.

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A Brief History of Bowling

Whilst the first modern indoor bowling alley in recent history was recorded as opening in 1840 (back when the game was played only with nine pins), historians have actually traced ten-pin bowling all the way back to 5200 BC in Ancient Egypt. Early version of the game have been enjoyed for thousands of years by varying cultures, showing just how entertaining the sport is.

The Rules

You probably already know the basic gist of bowling: you throw the bowling ball down the lane towards ten pins lined at the end. The idea is to knock as many down as possible with two bowls. Each pin is worth one point, and managing to knock all of them down will earn you extra points. Whilst it may seem difficult, it’s certainly not impossible, with professionals clamouring to set new times completing perfect games.

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Games can be played using equipment generally available at the alley itself, including two barriers on either side of the gutters designed to prevent a ‘gutter-ball’ – a common plight for beginners trying their hand at the game, where the ball doesn’t quite make it to the pins. This means you can easily tailor your game to suit your skill.


As with most sports, equipment is available to improve your game. This can be anything from your own ball to bowling aids. In the game of bowling wrist support is very important to factor into your gameplay; and for this reason many bowlers choose to invest in professionally manufactured wrist supports. Companies such as http://www.petesproshop.co.uk/acatalog/wrist-supports.htm offer a wide range of gloves and adjustable supports to suit bowlers of all shapes and sizes.

How Do I Play?

Bowling alleys can be found all over the country. Whether they’re larger companies or independently owned lanes, a quick online check will show you where you can have a go yourself. So whether you’re playing solo, with family with or a group of friends, get down to your local alley today.